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The Best of Beautiful Belize

The most colourful, scenic and desirable country, Belize is a must-visit place for water-lovers. This place is the home to the second-largest coral reef system in the world and is famous for varied animals, crystal clear waters and ancient rooms.

Once you’ll be to Belize, we bet you will fall in love with this country. The most colourful, scenic and desirable country, Belize is a must-visit place for water-lovers. This place is the home to the second-largest coral reef system in the world and is famous for varied animals, crystal clear waters and ancient rooms. Let’s begin our ride and explore the beauty of Belize.


To all the history lovers in the house, you will get awestruck at Xunantuncih. A two-hour ride from the airport and a minimal entry charge of 10$ can let you to these impressive ancient ruins of Xunantunich. You can hike over on the top of the pyramid which would be around 100 feet and get the most beautiful massive view of the surroundings. There’s a jungle to take a stroll around at the bottom. But be cautious, the howler monkeys might scare you as if you’re in Jurassic Park. There are some green grass fields to play or just chill with your friends. And this is all about our first recommendation in Belize.

St Herman’s Blue Hole

After this beautiful spot, if you wish to experience some thrill, do visit this Blue Hole. Belize has two Blue holes, one being the Great Blue Hole in the ocean and the other being in the jungle. A 20 minutes drive from the capital city would take you to this blue hole. But trust us this ride is worthy enough with green vegetation and lovely roads around. Once you’re there you can hike down a bit at the bottom and find out this pool where the water comes out from the cave. We recommend taking utmost care if you’re diving deep enough as it might scare you. But, yes you can play around in the water, take some wonderful shots and have fun with friends. Also, there’s a cave, namely St Herman’s cave where you can take a ride and explore around. We also suggest having a bug spray and flashlights along.

Big Rock Falls

We will head over next to this massive waterfalls amidst the jungles of Belize. An hour drive from San Ignacio is these Big Rock Falls which is one of the best spot for cliff jumping. The roads are quite bumpy and dirty to reach there, but these falls are so great with it’s hot and humid water. You can do cliff jumping until you get tired, swim around in the great water and also climb up at the top. The top of the waterfalls are scenic and will give you some good snaps too.

1000 foot Falls

Just a 20-min drive from the Big Rock Waterfalls are these great falls. These massive waterfalls are at a height of around 1,000 feet and you will just start loving this place and its landscape. There are pine trees all around and you can get the most eye-soothing sunset view from over there. There would be some localites who’ll share some stories with you and you can have fun. Do visit these falls in Belize!

San Pedro

Next, we have in our list, San Pedro. You can either fly over there or take a water taxi. We recommend you to take a water taxi because it’s cheaper and you can have a really cool experience. It might cost about $30 round-trip and take about 90 minutes to get to San Pedro. You can chill inside the boat or you can also get on top of the boat and check out the amazing views of the islands that you’re gonna pass by. You will see dolphins jumping around in this wonderful blue water and explore the colourful cool houses around. Oh, you can also take a golf cart ride. It would be fun. A great island to pass your day around is San Pedro!

Secret Beach

So what’s the secret about the secret beach? Take a ride through the dirt roads and mangrove swamp of San Pedro and head over to the west side for the secret beach. The secret lies in the water. Completely clear and flat water! It’s just perfect to swim, to take a boat ride, to chill and have a good time. You can stay at the hotels around and the colourful houses, rent a canoe and take a ride to nearby islands. There’s music, there’s food, there’s great water. What else do you need?

Hol Chan

We already said at the start – Belize is for water lovers. If you love snorkelling and swimming, this is your place. You will need a tour guide to go there which you can find in San Pedro itself. This would cost you about $30 per person. You can get on the tour guides boat and take a 30-minute ride to reach the Hol Chan marine reserve. You can jump off the boat and swim in some of the clearest waters ever. The reef is just so colourful with so many fishes and Turtles. You can ask the guide to take you to the shark ray alley. This is famous because there are a bunch of nurse sharks. A lot of people get scared just by the sound of the sharks. But these ones are pretty calm and don’t bite. A highly recommended place to visit!

One of the favourite local places in San Pedro is their basketball court. And what’s the best part? It’s right on the ocean itself. The court is so colourful and with the surrounding ocean around it just creates an awesome vibe. Also, there’s a little bridge right next to the basketball court where you can jump off of the bridge into the water and have fun!

The Great Blue Hole

One of the most iconic places in Belize is the Great Blue Hole. A lot of people think of Belize is due to this giant hole that’s in the middle of the ocean. It’s located on the Lighthouse Reef and is over 1,000 feet wide and over 400 feet deep. So, to get there you can take a tour boat from San Pedro which might be a long two to three-hour ride over bumpy seas. If you’re not into boat rides you can take a plane to get the view of the Blue Hole and that would cost about $230. Trust us, The Great Blue Hole is one of the most unique locations on the earth and we really hope you’ll be able to visit it.

Caye Caulker

This little island is right next to San Pedro and you can get there by taking the water taxi. It’s a small five-mile island with the highest elevation of eight feet high. History says, in 1961 hurricane split the island into two parts. So there’s a channel that runs between the North and the South Island. You can go there swim across the channel. It might seem a bit scary to a few people due to mangroves and lionfishes. But the sunsets are extremely amazing. The cotton candy skies and blue waters are everything you crave for!


So, Tikal (location) is the only location that’s not in Belize. But we do recommend visiting it across the border. You can take a car ride and visit the most impressive ruins in the world. Movies like Star Wars have been filmed here. This is simply a really cool place to take an adventure ride.

There are a lot more places in Belize which we couldn’t list down here. But, yes this place will be something you will cherish forever once you visit. Do visit Belize and help us in adding more places to this list!

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