Thrilling Cliff Jumping Spots to get your Adrenaline Rush

As a few guidelines, we would say, in a cliff jumping attempt everything is at your own risk. While cliff jumping is mostly safe it can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Always check the depth before jumping and never go headfirst unless you know the water is super deep. On that note, let’s begin!

As a few guidelines, we would say, in a cliff jumping attempt everything is at your own risk. While cliff jumping is mostly safe it can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing. Always check the depth before jumping and never go headfirst unless you know the water is super deep. On that note, let’s begin!

Mallorca (Spain)

So, kick-starting off with Mallorca is an island located off the coast of Spain. This place so much is absolutely beautiful and believed to be the mecca for cliff jumping. Surrounded by blue amazing waters all-around and a number of spots to jump, this place is truly a paradise.

Cala Varques (Spain)

Heading over to our next cliff-jumping spot – Cala Varques. This mindblowing place will make you fall in love with is at the very first sight. With countless places to jump into the bluest water ever, this wonderful place has a 60-foot arch that hangs over. Due to this, it turns out to be an ideal place to jump. To all the experienced cliff jumpers out there, you might make some wonderful friends, memories and cherish forever this heavenly place.


Amidst the jungles of Belize is this absolutely beautiful waterfall. We need to mention this is one of the hardest cliffs we have on our list.

A two-hour drive on a bumpy dirt road will lead you to this waterfall. But yes to all the beginners, this place has a hot and humid climate which would be prefered for a nice swim. You need to check the depth of the water and then start your cliff jumping ride. Apart from that, you can head over to the top of the waterfall and find some fun hangout spots. A wonderful place in all, Belize is worth visiting!


One of the craziest cliff jumping spots on our recommendation list is Idaho. This place has a hybrid structure of a rope swing and a clip jump. There’s a metal bridge that goes across this river so you can get a and tie it to this bridge and start your cliff jumping. This place is extremely risky and you might end up on the other side of the bridge after a few backflips. There are high chances of getting hurt. So we don’t insist to try over this place, unless and until you wish to risk over for having a cool story.

Utah Desert

So, after our highly risky recommendation, we have Utah one of the more chill family-friendly locations. This man-made lake is located right in the middle of the Utah desert. The best part is the cliffs having Red Rock, making it a unique experience with the waters. This place is perfect to cliff jump off with heights of around 5 feet to 25 feet. The vibe over here is wonderful with a bunch of people around with their boats. A great place worth visiting in the summertime or even in the fall in springtime.


This place has everything to offer for a perfect destination including cliff jumping. There’s a little beach nearby where you can flip-off the waves just for fun. Heading over to one of the craziest cliff locations as this one goes straight off into the ocean. This spot has a little cave inside the cliffs where water fills up and when it comes out after crashing, it seems as it spits out. Commonly known as the spitting caves, this spot might be a bit scary because the ocean is rough and the cliff is at a height of 40-50 feet. With absolutely beautiful sunsets ever this place has a great vibe. We would not recommend cliff jumping unless you’re really experienced.

Black Rock

Another really chill friendly location is the black rock. A cliff that you can jump off
15-20 feet high is over here. This place could be recommended to beginners as the conditions are right, the water around the area is blue and clear.
Also, a wonderful beach to hang out with friends, take a sunbath and chill.

Lavertezzo (Switzerland)

Our next recommendation is one of the most scenic places in Europe. Located in southern Switzerland, near the city of Luke Arno it is famous for this bridge named Ponte de Southie. The name itself means jump bridge. This medieval bridge looks like something straight out of a fairy tale. The surrounding water is crystal clear. There are spots to scuba dive and free dive too. Not only this it’s a great place to swim. Though this place is just freaking cold. You would love to visit this place over and over again for cliff jumping in this crystal clear water!

Ibiza (Spain)

In the hustle-bustle of Spain lies Ibiza. Though this city is famous for its nightlife and party scene, we have found out a wonderful cliff jumping spot over there. There’s this beautiful cover with deep enough water. The surrounding beauty is just amazing!

Zakynthos (Greece)

Heading over to Greece is this famous island of Zakynthos. Commonly famous for the shipwreck beach, there’s also a spot where you can go cliff jumping. There’s this cave in the water which would be an ideal place to cliff jump. You can ledge on top of the cave and flip off. You can also swim around the cliffs of blue water and chill.

Lake Tahoe (California, USA)

Lake Tahoe, located on the border of Nevada and California is famous for its blue waters and beautiful beaches. The water there is just beautiful and clear and breathtaking. It might be a bit difficult to find a spot to cliff jump. There’s this rope tied to a tree and some people do try it, but it’s extremely dangerous and we don’t recommend it. There’s this little rock where you could do some little cliff jumps and dives into the water. Overall it would be a really fun experience.

Puerto Rico (USA)

It might turn out one of your worst cliff jumping experiences ever. There’s this waterfall in the middle of the jungle but the rock is so slippery and so wet that you might end up hitting yourself badly. You can jump off a rock over here or swim around.

So, here we are at the end of our list for the top 10 cliff jumping places around the world. Do let us know your experiences! Be safe and have fun.

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