The Perfect Getaway To Thailand

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About Thailand

Situated in GMT+7, Thailand, officially known as the Kingdom of Thailand and formerly known as Siam, is a country in Southeast Asia. It has a population of more than 66 million. The current monarch of Thailand is King Maha Vajiralongkorn. Thailand is a beautiful country consisting of multiple islands like Krabi, Phuket, etc. and agricultural lands. Bangkok, the capital of the country, has developed over time and turned into the main administrative center of the country.

Arriving in Thailand 

The ideal season for tourism in Thailand is Nov-Feb as the climate is cooler, rains less, and humidity is an all-time low. Once you arrive in Thailand, you can obtain a Visa On Arrival through the designated counters by filling a form(requires a passport size photograph, valid passport, return ticket, accommodation proof and 20,000 Baht per family or 10,000 Baht per individual) and paying 2000 Baht if you belong to one of the 18 countries mentioned on the Thai Embassy Official site. It is recommended to take a taxi to travel between the hotel and the airport as it is fast, convenient and uses a set meter rate.

TIP – Download the Google Map for the cities and islands in Thailand you’re planning to visit in order to ensure the taxi driver follows the correct routes, preferably avoiding tolls and highways. Saving the name and address of your place of accommodation in both English and Thai would come in handy. 

Getting On A Normal Schedule And Buying A Sim Card 

Pick up a 299 Baht Happy Tourist Dtac sim card from the Airport or any 7-Eleven using your passport. It includes an 8-day unlimited-internet and 15 Baht calling credit. Avoid napping in the afternoons and try to sleep on time so as to adjust to the time zone.

Places to visit in Thailand 


With more than 8 million people occupying the capital city, it has become the most developed area in the country. You can arrive in the city through Suvarnabhumi Airport in Thailand. The city offers beautiful sight-seeing places, multiple attractions and crazy nightlife to tourists from all around the World.

Unlike most tourist places, Bangkok also enables tourists to experience their culture through various temples, Royal palaces and artifacts, and historical museums. The opportunity of experiencing proper Thai cuisine – from street food to posh hotels is one of a lifetime! Also, don’t forget to bring or buy extra empty suitcases as they’ll get stuffed soon with all the cheap prices while shopping in street markets and from the lavish shops in numerous malls. 

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The city of Pattaya is situated about 100 km far in the southeast direction of Bangkok. It is an ideal place for locals to take a break and spend their weekend there as well as for the fun-loving tourists that come to Thailand as the city offers everything one could need with very less population. Traveling is easy as you can take your own car or ride a bus, a van, or a cab from Bangkok. There is also a ferry service from Hua Hin to Pattaya, which takes about an hour. 

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 Hua Hin

Hua Hin is Quieter and more serene than Pattaya and Bangkok. Hua Hin is the perfect place for tourists who look for a laid-back vacation in posh resorts with private beaches, water activities, and golf courses. You can take a bus or drive up to Hua Hin from Bangkok which is 2.5 hours away (199 km). The area is full of food shacks and lavish restaurants with Thai delicacies to enjoy alongside the beautiful scenery. 


In the era of water pollution and climate change, Phuket is one of the world’s purest and cleanest destinations. The white sand beaches and clean water along with cool breeze from the palm trees make it a heavenly place to spend your holidays. It is a small island – 48 km long and 21 km wide. You can go island hopping from Phuket to Krabi to Phi Phi islands and more. The most convenient way to reach Phuket is through the international and domestic flights that fly to The Phuket International Airport. Buses from Bangkok cities take up to 13 hours to reach Phuket. Life on this island is like any other island in Thailand!

5. Krabi 

Krabi is famous for its beautiful scenery and breathtaking and serene beaches and islands. One could reach Krabi by the international and domestic flights that operate at the Krabi International Airport, which is situated about 15 km from the city center. Direct buses to Krabi operate daily from Bangkok which takes 10 hours while the ones from Phuket take 4 hours to reach. 

From shopping in the night markets to dining in beachside cafes or restaurants, Krabi is worth spending time in. Long walks on the beaches, island-hopping on the 150 islands near it, views of the limestone cliffs, snorkeling, rock climbing, sea kayaking, jungle trekking, and scuba diving make Krabi worth every penny! 

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