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How Shosho Chang is Bridging the Cultural Gap by Cycling the World

Shosho Chang, a YouTuber, traveller, photographer, a storyteller is cycling around continents, leaving some well-paid jobs to explore the world and eliminate the prevailing cultural differences.

There’s a point in life when you tend to give up. You believe that you need a cause or a motivating force in life, or dream of doing something different. There are very few people who tend to achieve something similar. Shosho Chang is one of them. He is doing a wonderful job of trying to eliminate the cultural difference by cycling. Let’s have a look at his journey.

Shosho has a master’s degree in CSE and has worked for two prominent tech companies in Taiwan. After around six years, he realized that this was not what he wanted to achieve in his life. And, guess what he picked a guitar, a bicycle and started this wonderful cycling journey.

shosho chang in Sudan

In around two years, he covered a whopping distance of 25,000 km around Asia, Europe, and Africa. Shosho adds, he was fortunate enough to come back to Taiwan alive and well. He has published his book about this journey, namely 10,820,000 Revolutions.

After this hustle and bustle, he realized that the best place on this entire planet to do cycling in Taiwan. He also has a list of reasons including, cultural diversity, robust infrastructures, safe city, friendly and welcoming people as the key reasons to cycle in Taiwan. Apart from that, Taiwan is famous as the cycling centre of the world.

An adventure of the sort sounds exciting but requires quite the persistence. Shosho has made some great records by riding up to an altitude of 4762 metres. Also, he has been at a location with an unbearable temperature of 52 degrees C. It isn’t the end. He has travelled 186 km in a day and even changed a flat tire 9 times a day in a row.

Shosho Chang smiling

Currently, an adventurer, YouTuber, photographer, storyteller, video game lover is paddling every mile of Taiwan to meet new people, hear and document their stories and share them with the world. We can’t eliminate cultural gaps and differences by sitting in a cubicle and discussing the news. We need to take a step forward and do something like Shosho.

Follow Shosho on his journey through his YouTube and Instagram channel. Also read guide to secret trail to Kenting National Park

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