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A Secret Trail in Kenting National Park, Taiwan

Shosho Chang along with his friends discovers a secret hidden route to the Men Ma Lu mountain in the Kenting National Park. Men ma Lu itself means can’t find a way, yet these two champs pave their way!

We all love adventures! And they turn out to be the best when it’s with your friend along. Here we have the story of these two young friends who have discovered a secret route amidst the woods of Kenting National Park.

Amidst global warming and pollutions, this city has taken a step towards saving the environment. Taipei City has the best bike-sharing system in the world. All you have to do is buy it’s kind of easy card and then register using your mobile phone at the kiosk. You’re all set to start cruising around in Taipei City like a champ. Along with that, this place has really good coffee! Grab a cup to keep yourself hydrated along the journey.

So, if you feel like hitting the beach, there’s a part of this park attached to it too. The first national park is covering the southern and most area of Taiwan at the Headington peninsula. This national park is well known for its tropical climate. People absolutely love to hit the beach during sunshine and play all kinds of water activities. But what they usually don’t know is that Kenting National Park is also a perfect place for economical tour and hiking.

Though for the cyclists over there, there are tons of rules. Shosho says, “I personally love the stretch starting from Baisha Bay to Watlington where it’s my favourite place to watch the sunset. For sunrise, the LongPan Park is there from where you can overlook the stunning coast of the Pacific Ocean.”

For the ride, you can just cycle down the highway number 26 towards the east after passing the south and most for Napa Taiwan the Eluanbi lighthouse. You can see LongPan Park on your right-hand side.

This section is also considered the most scenic highway in Taiwan. But today we will discover a secret route for the Men Ma Lou mountain trail, or you can say the perfect off-road mountain biking route in the world. Fun fact – Men Ma Lou means can’t find away. Shosho and his friend Kuan Lin tried to find a way in but unfortunately failed. They also send a drone to scout in.

A few weeks later they visited there again and we’re so determined to tackle this challenge first. They went to Hong Kong featuring harbour to find a whole bunch of seafood, had a barbecue feast in a shar-pei resort which was phenomenal. Then the next morning they buckled up and set out to explore this secret cycle trail. They cycled all the way to hunting Township that enters a County Road number 200. Soon after that, they arrived at the intersection of the Men Ma Lou Trail and disappointedly still hit a dead end.

They thought of wandering around a bit if they could find something or else will return back clicking some pictures. They went through a little trail but assumed it would be popular as the grass was quite trampled on the dirt road. Both friends made jokes along the way they might end up dying or just get tangled between the wood. After a really long and exhausting ride, they reached another fence-like structure and decided to barge-in. Again went for a steep mountain ride, and guess what? Their hard work paid off! They reached the Men Ma Lou mountain.

Men Ma Lou mountain is situated in the southernmost part of the central mountain range and is about 300 meters above sea level. It was the historic trail for transporting sisal which was an important catch crab invention. The roads here were so complicated that even a Reston’s open got lost. You know the most famous attraction was the couple tree but they were blown down by a typhoon. Though as mentioned earlier this place is perfect for mountain biking where you’d wish to go for a ride again and again.

In the afternoon hour, they were really exhausted and decided to call it a day off and celebrate completing their victory. Shosho also happily describes his favourite energy drink. He says, “It is just the best thing ever invented. I want you to know now in Tokyo people have to wait in line for six hours to get one of this thing.”

So, this was one of the small portions of Kenting National Park. If you and your friends have such adventurous stories, do share with and we will share with the world! Let’s discover the undiscovered!

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Edited by Parthvi Kher

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