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Pick up your Surfboards and Head over to Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka is doubtlessly one of the most loved tourist spots. With about 1600 km of coastline, this country has everything from high mountain tops to low underwaters to offer. So, here we are with the best surfing spots in Sri Lanka to be kept on your checklist.

Starting from wildlife to scenic beauty, festivities, thrilling sports, rich culture and heritage sites to its absolutely vivacious beaches, Sri Lanka is doubtlessly one of the most loved tourist spots. With about 1600 km of coastline, this country has everything from high mountain tops to low underwaters to offer. So, here we are with the best surfing spots in Sri Lanka to be kept on your checklist.


Negombo - Surfing in Sri Lanka

Located on the west coast of Sri Lanka, this town is an absolute beauty. It’s wide and long sandy beaches along with the wildlife lagoon are something you’ll spend your everything for. This town is top-rated amongst the water sports hubs and has the perfect climatic condition for water as well as sky surfing. Not only that, the beach over here is considered as the safest space for beginners as well as experts. You can find a number of hotels at the beach itself for your stay and experience the scenic beauty. Apart from surfing, the old fort, the lively fish market as well as canal are the top places to visit in Negombo. 

If you’re wondering how to reach Negombo, this city is at a minimal distance of just 8 km from the international airport. There are around major 4 railway stations and buses round the clock connecting to the main A3 road to reach Negombo beach.


Weligama - Surfing in Sri Lanka

Yet another town on the western coast of this country, Weligama the name itself speaks Sandy beaches. This town doubtlessly has the best beach resorts and is the major hub of the fishing industry. Coming to the surfing point, the Weligama’s benign beach break is believed to be the most ideal spot for newbies. Trust us it would be wonderful to experience your first wave here! If you feel a bit tired or hungry from surfing and learning, this place has some excellent roadside fish stalls which every tourist craves for. Stacked with exotic resorts and numbered tourist sites, your visit to Weligama is going to be worthy enough!

This town is situated at about 143 km from Colombo. So you can reach by the main A2 Colombo-Galle-Matara motorway, the Southern Expressway as well as by Colombo-Matara Southern Railway line.


Hiriketiya - Surfing in Sri Lanka

So, if you’ve been surfing for quite a long time and wish to get a challenge from the waves, scribble Hiriketiya on your checklist. The common phrase associated with this town has been “Love at first sight”. And once you have been there you’ll start believing too. A bit far from the hustle and bustle of cities, this town is marked as the premier tourist spot of Sri Lanka. With perfect weather and waves almost 10 months a year, all you can see are the surfers around having their best times! Also, if you’re not a surf person, there’s nothing to worry about, Hiriketiya beach has a bunch of spots to chill, and amazing cafes to munch around. Not only that, the greenery and wildlife have made Hiriketiya the most unique spot. Oh, did we tell you that if you’re lucky enough, a turtle might join you in your surf ride?

If you’re looking for a cheap deal, public buses are the best. There are constant tuk-tuks available from Dikwella to reach Hiriketiya bay. To all the fitness lovers you can walk around which would take about 20 mins.

Arugam Bay

Arugam Bay - Surfing in Sri Lanka

The most loved surf destination of surfers across the globe – Arugam Bay. This teeny-tiny town is quite popular in terms of tourist destinations. This bay is considered to be the most loved spot for all the surfers. And not only that, this town is the only one to host international surf competitions in entire Sri Lanka. Rated amongst the top 3 surfing spots in the world, this place also has the best windsurfing options. Pottuvil Point has always been the dream surfing wave of every surfer with a tremendous height of about 80 meters. Apart from that, Arugam bay is quite famous for scuba diving as well as underwater photography. Beautiful beachfront guesthouses, cafes, ever buzzing markets, safari rides, and adventure sports, there’s a lot you can experience here.   

Sri Lankan Airlines offers air taxi services to Arugam Bay. Also, you can reach by train or bus to Pottuvil which is just 4 km from Arugam Bay.

We know you’re already excited to surf amongst all of these spots. Or also if you are not a surfer, you have planned of at least starting to learn. So head over quick and experience these amazing surfing spots in Sri Lanka! 

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