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Go crazy and fall in love at the same time with Oahu, Hawaii

A beautiful place that has everything to offer! Starting from beautiful sceneries to mountains to adventurous sports, plan your weekend getaway to the amazing Oahu Hawaii!

Easter island head on Kualoa Ranch, Oahu, Hawaii

Some places are god-gifted with natural beauty and adventure spots. So, here we are recommending a beautiful getaway place with your friends or family or a solo trip. The top ten best places to visit in Oahu Hawaii far away from the hustle and bustle of the city life!


Located at just 30 minutes from the airport is this beautiful place Lanikai. It is famous for its two scenic islands perfect for a calm weekend. The water here has barely a few waves and is generally pretty calm. You can’t surf here so we don’t recommend it to surfers. But yes it is definitely a good place to have a fun time with your family at its pure and serene water.

Lanikai Pillbox

After a calm and composed destination, we would recommend a visit to Lanikai pillbox. This place has one of the greatest views when you hike up for about 1-2 miles. A wonderful place where you can chill with your friends, dance around or just click some boomerangs.

Maunawili Falls

Once again, a great place to observe the beauty around is Maunawili Falls. Just a short hike of two and a half miles and you’ll fall in love with these gorgeous waterfalls. You need to be a bit cautious while hiking as it is very muddy around due to the rains. But, yes it feels like if you are in Eden garden or some wonderful place once you have been there.


Olomana, also commonly known as three peaks is comparatively a bit harder hike than the other places. Enter through the golf club and you’ll reach your hiking point.  You need to hike for about 4-5 miles at a steep elevation through gridlines. There are ropes for your help to make it easier. This place will definitely give you a good workout and tons of satisfaction once you’ve been on the top. The views up there are definitely worth your efforts.

Makapu ‘U Lighthouse

So, if you have already been scared due to our above recommendation, our next stop is an easy-peasy ride. You can reach this lighthouse which is just 2-3 miles hike from a paved road. Though this lighthouse is blocked, this place is definitely worth visiting for its breathtaking views and cool pictures. Also, we highly recommend visiting it during February-March as there are tons of humpback whales all around. Do mark this place on your checklist.

Spitting caves

Don’t get shocked by the name. This place has a little cave and when water rushes in full swing, it shouts out if someone is spitting. This is how it has got its crazy name. This place is super dangerous for cliff jumping but you can take a dive only and only if you are a very experienced diver. We recommend you to just chill around and have fun instead of dangerous stunts as this place has the best sunsets ever.

Pu’no Hulu

Located on the west coast at a hike of about 1.6 miles, this place is well-known for its four pillboxes. Once you have been up there, you can have the best IG pictures and videos, especially at the pink one. The best part is you can have a complete look of the entire west coast. We recommend the west coast as it barely rains here compared to other coasts.

North Shore

All the surf lovers in the house, this place should be your first go-to place. Extremely famous for its beach pipeline, this place has gigantic waves best for surfing. Not only that, even is the waves are not there, you can definitely have a good swim at the calm and clear water.

Blackrock Beach

Yet another beach on the north shore, this place is well known for its Blackrock. This cool rock has been everyone’s favourite for a cliff jump-off. With just a height of 15 feet, you can always see a bunch of people ready to jump around. This fun beach has huge as well as flat waves and is highly recommended to chill around.

Kualoa Ranch

This place is an absolute scenic beauty and why not? Tons of famous movies and TV shows including Jumanji, Lost, and Jurassic Park have been shot over here. You can take a tour or just roam around in the park located over here. You can also go for a small adventure with a paddleboard at China Man’s hut.

Here we are at the end of our list of best places to visit in Oahu Hawaii. This island has everything for hike-lovers, swimmers, surfers as well as beauty admirers. So, head over to this beautiful island for a getaway.

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