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Things to Do in Hallstatt, Austria:

Hallstatt, a small town in the state of Upper Austria, is famously known as the land of “white gold” as the mountains carry thick layers of rock salt. The “Salt Empire” of Austria, is full of its ancient culture. It is a place for tourists with a keen interest in cultures plus minimalism and it serves all your aspects including scenic views and peace in the crowd.

Picture of Old Town Austria with Blue Skies

Hallstatt, a small town in the state of Upper Austria, is famously known as the land of “white gold” as the mountains carry thick layers of rock salt. It is situated in the Salzkammergut region, so you will find the climate usually cold.

You can find amazing Alpine houses and alleyways of the 16th century everywhere, as the place is famous for its such ambience, which will surely be a great experience for anyone looking out for a getaway. The “Salt Empire” of Austria, is full of its ancient culture. It is a place for tourists with a keen interest in cultures plus minimalism and it serves all your aspects including scenic views and peace in the crowd.

Here is a travel guide to exploring most of your days in Hallstatt and covering the nearby areas.

Places To Visit

Lake Hallstatt

Being one of the most beautiful and best-maintained swimming lakes, it serves the joy of nature to its peak. There can be seen many guests as well as hosts in the beach looking lake, from beach volleyball to barbeque areas, boating in the lake, water slides to free parking!

Bad Goisern

A little village near Lake Hallstatt, with rivers surrounding it carrying melted water to the Danube. In the dining room of Maislinger, a famous patisserie you can enjoy pastries and bread, a classic Austrian breakfast.


A tower built in the 12th century! It is famous for its terrace cafe which serves delicious local delicacies along with coffee and pastries, which I’m sure you’d love to try out.

The Salt Mines (The Salzwelten)

A term for salt, mine you’d definitely wanna visit, in fact, I came to know it is the oldest salt mine in the world. You can even find many archaeologists on-site at work in the historic burial ground. I mean, wouldn’t you want to visit the place of “white gold”?


How to get there: You will have to take the Salt Mine Funicular lift from the visitor centre up the Salt Mountain. Another option is hiking up the hill which is an hour-long way!

[Note: The salt mines are closed in winters.]

Hoher Dachstein

A vacation without skiing in the snow, when you see it all around? Sounds abrupt, right? It is a mountain, in-fact one of the highest peaks of the state, from where you can find breathtaking views along with the adrenaline by the snowboards.

Hallstatt Museum (Welterbemusseum Hallstatt)

A perfect place for history geeks and lovers! It has all the discoveries from the salt mines and from cemeteries of Iron Age making the place a very significant and important part for the culture of Hallstatt.

Dachstein Ice Cave

A relaxing cable car ride will take you up to the Dachstein Mountain, where you can have a preview of the breathtaking views of the valley and the lake as well. The Ice cave’s major Alpine wonder is the frozen waterfalls. Yes, you read it right! Even in summertime, you will wanna bring Ice jacket to protect yourself from the chilly one hour tour of the caves.

How to get there: Take a 15 minutes ride by bus 543 to the Dachstein Visitor Center. Another option is riding the cable car to station 1 and then a 20 minutes hike through the well-marked trail to the entrance.

The Bone House (The Beinhaus)

The Bone House and cemetery is literally filled with human skulls and artwork on them! Located in the lower level quaint Saint Michael’s Chapel, this place can prove to be one of the most memorable and unique of all the rest. It has been there beside Hallstatt’s Catholic Church since 12 AD, where locals have been practising the tradition as in The Middle Age, cremation wasn’t allowed yet by the Catholic church. Interesting right? Though the practice has died off now after the prohibition on cremation was lifted, but it isn’t banned.

Market Square (Marktplatz)

A place right at the heart of the Old Town Hallstatt, with the most beautiful aesthetic views of colourful buildings and streets full of cafes and shops. Take a sip on the coffee or take a stroll around. You can find the Holy Trinity fountain at the centre of the square.

Five Fingers Lookout Point

While visiting the Dachstein Mountain, you will find one of the most spectacular views in the Alps through the metal hand-like structure jutting out of the mountain over a 1.300- foot sheer drop off. You can literally find birds flying straight beside you while inhaling the purest of Austrian air in your lungs.

How to get there: Take bus 543 from Hallstatt Lahn, which will be a 15 minutes trip to the Dachstein Visitor Center. You can also take a cable car ride to the 2nd station and hike for 0.65 miles to the destination.

Places To Eat in Hallstatt

Cafe Konditorei Maislinger

A bakery and confectionery located in Bad Goisern, where you can relax in its cosy environment. They serve homemade pastries and desserts as well as some little dishes to snack on. And of course you will find coffee specialities there.

Steegwirt Restaurant

Located directly by the Lake, the restaurant has been serving since 1571 and is a great place to try the local cuisine. Their speciality is freshwater fish which is pretty popular among the tourists and travellers who visit the place.

Braugasthof Lobisser

A popular place among the tourist couples and cosy peeps, which is run by a family. The place is located at the heart of the town and will serve you with authentic food and amazing ambience.

Heritage hotel

The most popular hotel of town serves the most amount of travellers, as you can have a beautiful view of the lake with amazing Austrian coffee or sparkling wine. The hotel also serves good reviewed accommodation.

Dachtein Lodge

It is at the top of the Dachstein Krippenstein cable car and overlooks the breathtaking glaciers of Europe. You can grab a table n the terrace and dig in. I’ve heard this place takes overnight guests as well!

Hollwirt Restaurant

Back down in Obertraun, you will find the best place to have a perfect dinner after your earthy trip of the whole tiresome day. They serve delicacies like fresh-caught fishes and milk strudel.

How To Get To Hallstatt

To start the trip from Salzburg, you have different modes through which you can make your way to the picturesque town. The route is very scenic and heartwarming.

By Car

You will have to take the 158 road east out of Salzburg heading towards Bad Ischl. Then you take the 145 to Bad Goisern and switch to 166 before arriving in Hallstatt. Moreover, you can always use navigation maps online!

By Public Transport

Take bus 150 to Bad Ischl, then a train from Bad Ischl to Hallstatt railway station, then lastly a ferry across the lake to the village.

 Things to Know before Hallstatt Trip

Learn the Local Language

Knowing a few phrases will just make you smarter! Knowing a little bit of Austrian- German will go a long way. Learn a few key phrases to help with small glitches in communication or for when you can’t find someone who speaks English to assist you.

Summer is Always Better

There is a matter of peak season when this small village struggles to deal with a large number of tourists who visit in the Summer season. The reason behind is the local attractions which do not stay open for travellers throughout the year.

Carry Hiking Material

The place is full of lakes and mountains and you will find yourself plenty amount of time hiking in the snow. Carry snow friendly clothes and hiking kit “necessarily”, and never stay behind in snowboarding or skiing.

So, here it ends, the tips and guidelines for visiting Hallstatt. Hopefully, it will set you on the right path for a fantastic visit and stay. From archaeology to skiing, I hope you get the most from the splendid village and make unforgettable memories.

Edited by Paridhi Joshi

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