If you are visiting Italy, then you don’t want to miss the Dolomites

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    Written by Paridhi Joshi
Located in Northeastern Italy, the mountain range of Dolomites is packed with breathtaking views and adventures waiting for you to explore. If you’re a lover of Alps and plateaus, this a perfect place for you to hop in. So here are some of the must visit places in the Dolomites.


An absolutely green town, with beautiful sloping mountains around, Seceda is famous for its shape and also because in winters these slopes transform into the longest ski slope in Val Gardena. You will love to hike up the mountain and just enjoy the gorgeous views all over the place. It’s literally running on the green grass and touching the clouds, as if the mountain range is breathing air.

How to get there: It’s a four hour drive from Milan, and then you’ll have to take gondolas to reach up to the mountain, which costs almost 10-12 Euros.


Here’s another beautiful mountain range which is pretty much popular amongst hikers. There is an amazing lodge located at the top of the mountain which is absolutely beautiful. The jagged mountains, lined with gray rocks and fresh air provide an invigorating experience. The sights from the top of the mountain will provide stunning pictures for you IG page.

How to get there: One hour drive from Seceda, and for going up to the top you have to take a one person ski-lift.

Lago Di Braies

A turquoise lake located in the South Tyrol, Italy is known as the pearl among Dolomites lakes. The picturesque mountain backdrop serves a breathtaking view where you’d love to take a dip in the cold water. No wonder why it is so popular! You can also rent a rowing boat and have a great time in the lake.

How to get there: it’s about a two hour drive from Langkofel, or you also take public transport. There are always buses scheduled for the place and there is a railway station nearby as well.

Tre Clime Di Laredo

It is a very popular mountain range as the three peaks translate into “the three chimneys”. You can park your car there for 35 bucks, and there is a refuge/lodge and from there you can hike up which is about 102 miles which will take you to the base of the mountains. It is a pretty dangerous hike so climbing gears are recommended 

How to get there: Almost an hour long drive from Lake Braies, with scenic views on the go. Another way is to take the public transport.

Cadini di Misurina

Situated at the backside of the Tre Cime Di Laveredo, the place is a mile walk away. The views will remind you of the scenes from the famous “Lord of The Rings” like the literal Mordor. There isn’t any particular name for this hike that we know of; you’ll have to search for it. Though you’ll be able to see it from the lodge, or you can also hike to the south to the ridgeline and you’ll be able to see these incredible mountains.

For getting there you’ll just have to stroll around and wander searching among the beautifully gathered mountain ranges. 

So we hope you’ll enjoy your trip and our recommendations will help you out for having a good time there!

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