Things To Do In Pattaya

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About Pattaya, Thailand

The city of Pattaya is situated about 100 km far in the southeast direction of Bangkok. It is an ideal place for locals to take a break and spend their weekend there as well as for the fun-loving tourists that come to Thailand as the city offers everything one could need with very less population. Traveling is easy as you can take your car or ride a bus, a van, or a cab from Bangkok. There is also a ferry service from Hua Hin to Pattaya, which takes about an hour.

Getting around Pattaya

The cheapest way to move in and around Pattaya is by traveling through Baht buses. If a baht bus is going in your direction hail it by waving your hand! There are designated bus stops also for the pickup style baht bus. You can also use a faster way of traveling, i.e. motorcycle taxis. There are bikes available for rent too. The most common way for tourists to move around in Pattaya is through meter taxis. Grab Taxi App is a good way of booking taxis with your location fed into the app and estimated fare known. As always there are the pollution-free means of transport – walking! If the distance is a few hundred meters it’s the cheapest and easiest way of traveling.  

Places to Visit in Pattaya

  • Crazy Nightlife at Walking Street

During the daytime, the street is practically deserted and shut down but in the evening after 6 p.m. the sights change drastically. The street paints quite a picture of the ‘happening’ nightlife of Thailand. The road is filled with nightclubs, beer bars, restaurants, or go-go bars on both sides.

  • Tiffany’s Cabaret Show

The theatrical show is indeed colorful, magical and life long to be remembered experience. The unique creativity and design of the performers from being dressed in long gowns or feathers and making spectacular entrances with the use of technology makes it a worthwhile experience! 

  • The Big Buddha Hill

Much like the other places in Thailand, Pattaya also has a Buddha statue that stands out. As the name suggests, The Big Buddha statue is the biggest in the region and is 18 meters high. The temple complex around the statue offers a serene environment accompanied by many bells, burning incense, numerous smaller statues, and impressive views over the area. One can see the Jomtien beach and the Pattaya beach on either side of the hill where the statue is located. 

  • Ramayana Waterpark 

Have dripping fun at Ramayana Waterpark which boasts a 184,000 sq meters huge aquatic playground and fifty slides with beautiful natural surroundings in the South of Pattaya. With cheap tickets and delicious food with cool beverages, it’s a perfect place to spend the day with or without kids!

  • Water Sports at the Beaches 

Roaming around most of the beaches you will find a lot of them offering water sports to satisfy your adrenaline craving. These include scuba diving, flyboarding, snorkeling, kite surfing, ski boarding, jet skiing, parasailing, banana boats, and undersea walks!  

  • Cartoon Network Waterpark

Cartoon Network Waterpark is the world’s only Cartoon Network-themed water park. It shows off 10 different themed zones and more than twenty water slides, an aqua playground, a mega wave pool based on the characters of Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears, etc. The park has a themed gourmet along with a souvenir shop. 

  • Pattaya Viewpoint

Pattaya Viewpoint on Pratumnak Hill is the best place to visit during the day or night to get that classic shot of Pattaya’s overview and looking over the bay. The sad part is you might have to share your view with an almost ceaseless wave of tourists with their guides but it usually becomes quiet and peaceful after 10-15 minutes and the silence is perfect for enjoying the stunning scenery and experiencing a quiet state of mind. 

  • Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!

The museum is located on the third floor of Royal Garden Plaza. It boasts more than 300 exhibits inside 10 individually themed galleries which are designed to balance among strange, shocking, and beautiful. The museum will blow your mind away with objects, facts, and people you never thought existed on this planet. Infinity Maze with all the exciting puzzles and lights is a MUST try! 

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