Desert Safari Abu Dhabi

2 Minutes

Desert Safari in Abu Dhabi is one of my favorite experiences in the city. While I am not a tourist in Abu Dhabi, Desert Safari stands to be unique to the region. It’s a getaway filled with an adrenaline rush plus the experience of spending time away from the hustle. The food is also definitely worth mentioning. But to highlight a few of my favorite desert safari activities

Dune Bashing

The first activity being performed during a desert safari is dune bashing. They slightly deflate the tires to reduce the air pressure. I may be wrong here haha, please do check with the driver why they do it. Dune Bashing is definitely quite a roller-coaster type of an experience. It isn’t exactly “bashing” more than climbing dunes on a 4×4.

A black toyota on dunes of sand in the desert

Quad Biking

Usually charged separately, riding a quad bike is definitely worth it. I don’t assume there’s too much risk either compared to other adventure sports.

Welcome Sweets

A small part of the experience includes receiving traditional sweet known as luqaimat. These are deep fried dough balls with a sweet syrup (usually made of dates).

Live Shawerma and Falafel stand

The free shawerma was probably one of my favorite parts of the entire experience or haha the weather at the time was best suited for it.

BBQ and Buffet at Desert Safari

I made my visit during a slight winter, having live BBQ on your area. By area, these are large floor rugs or mats set up to camp around the stage. As I remember the live BBQ didn’t really have a lot of vegetarian options. However they do have another range of food at the buffet. It was similar to a mini camping experience.

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