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Welcome to Ella, Sri Lanka
Ella is a small mountain town situated in the Uva province of southern Sri Lanka. The city glows with seemingly endless sprawl of lush tea plantations and mountains and offers views that will live you speechless due to its timeless beauty.

Places to Visit

  • Nine Arch Bridge

    Also known as the Bridge in the sky, Nine Arch Bridge is one of the best colonial-era architectural models. The bridge is a railway bridge built in the British era and is 91 metres long standing over the height of 24metres. It provides with one of the most picturesque and serene sites of landscapes and connects the cities of Kandy and Ella.

  • Ravana Falls 

    Ravana Falls is Sri Lanka is considered to be one of the widest waterfalls known in the world. The falls attracts various people from around and beyond due to its symbolic significance of the the Indian mythology. The falls are accompanied by the Ravana Ella Caves hidden mystically behind the water. 

  • Ella Rock

    Ella Rock is a famous camping and hiking attraction in Ella, Sri Lanka. The rock is a Heaven for nature lovers, backpackers and trekkers and is one of the things they would want to cut off from their bucket lists. Once on top, the view is a panoramic picture of Sri Lanka and luscious greenery. 

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