Where did they film the office?

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Where was the Office filmed?

The office was filmed at Chandler Valley Centre Studios in Panorama City, California.

The Office Cast at the the shoot location in Panorama California

The popular sitcom, The Office, revolves around the branch of a paper company (Dunder Mifflin) and follows the lives of the employees and their eccentric manager. The show takes place in a small town, named Scranton, in Pennsylvania. Despite the show being placed in this town, it was actually shot in a variety of locations, with most scenes taking place on a set in The Valley, in Los Angeles once the show gained viewers and high ratings. 

The show makes many references to, and is largely based on, the fact that it is based in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The small town is used to explain their hijinks, plays a role in the backstory of many of their characters, and is brought up with reference to other branches of this (fictional) paper company. The characters regularly discuss the charms of Scranton, and it is possible to visit the actual town and see the spaces that the characters discuss in the show. However, since this is a popular sitcom, the show was mainly shot in Los Angeles, and thanks to the podcast Office Ladies (done by two of the cast members, Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey), it’s possible for fans of The Office to visit these spots and see where the show was actually filmed. 

The Face of the Dunder Mifflin Building. Where was the Office filmed?

The Dunder Mifflin building is, surprisingly, not in the Scranton Business Park, like it is in the show. In reality, the cast filmed the show inside Chandler Valley Centre Studios in Panorama City, California. Of course, there were some on-site shots done in Scranton for the introductory theme, and to establish the show, but the bulk of the show was shot in this building. Unfortunately, the gates are closed as too many fans of The Office attempted to enter the building. However, it’s still possible to visit the building, and take pictures of this iconic space in front of the gate. It’s a great visit for ardent fans of the show to take a trip down memory lane, and even take a walk on the road outside the office building, as many iconic moments took place right outside the building, too.  

Michael’s Condominium

We first see Michael’s condominium in a beautiful complex in “Office Olympics” (season 2, episode 3), where he buys his first home. In this episode, he buys it from realtor Carol Stills, who helps him get the home, and he fantasizes of having her children in this home. Unfortunately, that doesn’t come true; he still lives in the condo, and even encourages Jan (from corporate) to move in with him when they were together. In the infamous “Dinner Party” episode (season 4, episode 13), the viewers get an in-depth tour of the house, along with Michael’s dinner guests. 

In reality, the condo is in a gated community in Reseda, California, but is visible from the street. Fans can drive onto Wyandotte Street in Reseda, and catch a glimpse of the condo from outside the gates of the community. Since this community is near NBC Studios, it’s a great pit-stop to add while on a fan-inspired trip. 

Pam and Jim’s House

One of the many reasons people love The Office is because of Pam (played by Jenna Fischer) and Jim’s (played by John Krasinski) relationship. Starting out from a budding friendship, viewers see Pam and Jim fall in love, and eventually start a family together. It’s an amazing transition from friends to lovers, the relationship is wholesome, and no one argues that they make a very cute couple. In fact, Michael considers them to be his best friends, and actively shipped the two of them together. 

When they were engaged, Jim decides to buy his parent’s home as a surprise for Pam, and we see his house in the episode “Frame Toby” (season 5, episode 9). He admits t the camera crew that he bought his parents’ house in an attempt to create a home for him and Pam, and he wanted to start a family where he grew up. It’s a very sweet moment when the viewers see Jim surprise Pam with a house, and even though its slightly old and the decoration is from the 70s, Pam still loves the house and the gesture. 

Fans of the show can check out the house that was used for this moment – it’s located in Van Nuys, California. The house is on 13831 Calvert Street, and it looks just like it did on-screen, making it a great place for pictures and for a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

The spot where Bob and Phyllis got Married

Another favoured, if sometimes oddly inappropriate, relationship is between Phyllis and Bob Vance, from Vance Refrigeration. The two get married in the episode “Phyllis’ Wedding” (season 3, episode 16), and it’s a heart-warming moment that’s tastefully ruined by Michael pushing her dad down the aisle beside her. The episode was memorable not just because of her wedding, but because of the odd triangle between Jim, Pam, and Jim’s then-girlfriend Karen (played by Rashida Jones). 

Fans can visit the stunning church that the wedding took place in – it’s the First Church of North Hollywood, which is at 4390 Colfax Avenue Studio City. It’s a lot of fun to walk in and relive the iconic moment, and it’s a stunning church, too, so it’s definitely worth the trip.  

The Church of Jim and Pam’s Wedding

Jim and Pam’s wedding was truly a sight to behold – not just because it was an amazing conclusion to their growing romance, but because the wedding itself was such a fun scene to watch. It takes place over two episodes, named “Niagara” (season 6, episodes 4 and 5), aptly named because Jim and Pam get married not in a church, but at Niagara Falls. They book a hotel near the Falls in an attempt to dissuade their co-workers from attending. However, Michael announces an office holiday so the team can head up for the wedding, and we see everyone at the venue. Like any wedding, things go wrong and a tearful Pam confesses that she’s very stressed about the wedding. Jim, in his classic fashion, does what’s best for the two of them, and they head out to the Niagara Falls on a tour boat. Asking the captain of the boat to officiate their wedding for them, the two of them get married at the falls, and then return to the church to have their ‘wedding’. 

Both episodes are incredibly sweet, and we see the entire team from Scranton do a wacky, internet-trend dance down the aisle, much to the bemusement of Jim and Pam. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone dance down the aisle and the entire scene is a funny, feel-good moment. The best part is that fans don’t need to go all the way to Niagara Falls if they want to see the church – it’s located in Sherman Oaks, California. The church is the Congregational Church of the Chimes at 14115 W Magnolia Boulevard, in Sherman Oaks, and is a warm combination of red wood and stone. Of course, Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski did travel up north for the Niagara Falls scenes, but visiting the falls is a trip that should be done in and of itself – it’s an incredible natural wonder that must be seen to be truly appreciated.

Schrute Farms

Dwight Schrute’s farm, aptly known as Schrute Farms, is a recurring theme in The Office. Dwight continually refers to his beet farm, his upbringing on the farm, and even offers it as a wedding location for Andy and Angela’s wedding when they were engaged (of course, their wedding never comes to fruition, when everyone discovers that Angela is cheating on Andy with Dwight, much to everyone’s shock). Unfortunately, the farm doesn’t actually exist in real life – that is to say, there is no actual place that’s called Schrute Farms. However, the episodes that covered Schrute Farms filed on the Golden Oak Ranch, located on Placerita Canyon Road and Delden Road in Newhall, California. This space is owned and operated by Disney, and is often used as farmland for many TV shows and movies – including the Parent Trap and Princess Diaries II, so it isn’t really open to the public. However, fans can still do a drive-by and take photos outside the farm, and peek in to where Dwight spent his formative years.  

Poor Richard’s Pub

Poor Richard’s Pub is a dive bar, and is a favoured spot for the members of Dunder Mifflin, Scranton. In the show, Poor Richard’s is a standalone pub, and is a common spot for the team to meet up, have drinks, and generally unwind from the day. We first see the pub in the episode “Cocktails” (season 3, episode 18), where the team head to the bar for happy hour. It’s an eventful episode – this is where Pam breaks up with her first fiancé, Roy. Roy then proceeds to trash the bar in anger, along with his brother. 

In reality, the Poor Richard’s Pub is actually named Pickwick’s Pub, and is found at 21010 Ventura Boulevard, Woodland Hills, California. The bar doesn’t have many Office memorabilia, but the staff are friendly to fans and are more than happy for visitors and customers to click some photos and have a pint. Inside, there is a small mirror that says “Poor Richard’s Pub”, as a way for the bar to pay homage to the show. 

A large chunk of the show is shot in The Valley, in Los Angeles, and many of these spaces are within a close drive from each other, so it is possible to conduct a road trip and tick off The Office locations as you go along. The town of Scranton, Pennsylvania, has embraced the show, and the small town does have gift stores and memorabilia from the show up on windows and in the Scranton Mall, among other places. However, if you’re looking for on-site shots – places where the show was actually filmed – then LA is the place to be. Of course, there are some places that are out-of-bounds, because they’re being used for other shows. LA is the home of Hollywood and television, so you can expect the same venue to be used for many different movies, TV shows, and series. Of course, die-hard Office fans will still enjoy the trip, so make sure you’ve planned your Office itinerary out right before you head out to sunny California. It’s a blast to walk where Jim, Pam, Michael, Dwight, and the rest have walked, and it’s a heady feeling to know that you’re standing where the team once stood, to make a show that seems like it’ll stay in your heart forever.


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