What’s Post Expo 2020

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What’s Expo 2020

Expo 2020 abstract

Expo 2020 was a World Expo event held between 1st October 2020 to 31st March 2021 in Dubai, UAE crossing over 20 million visits despite covid slowing down travel. The Expo 2020’s theme was sustainability, mobility and opportunity. Although it was postponed due to Covid; the team decided to continue with the 2020 brand.

The Vision Post Expo

World Expo’s have had a history of causing a period of financial difficulty post-event. Dubai has planned to transform the entire area into a residential and innovation hub, District 2020. District 2020 is going to be an area with capacity for residential, workspace and leisure – aimed to be a human-centric future city located in Dubai South.

Venue Features

The venue describes to become an area to work, live and explore.



The Expo will continue to have 10 pavilions namely. 5 country pavilions – UAE Pavilion, Saudi Pavilion, India Pavilion, Luxembourg Pavilion and Morocco Pavilion and others would consist of Wasl Plaza, Terra Pavilion (sustainability pavilion), Mobility Pavilion, Opportunity Pavilion and Vision Pavilion.

Flags waving at the Saudi Pavilion

Saudi Pavilion


While at the moment I am not completely sure if restaurants here are going to be from the ones we had at the venue before; the range of restaurants would be international and local cuisines. Too early to speculate but I’ll try send a media request.

During the expo, food was one of the more unique attractions; with traditional cuisines served at pavilions and popups. Had the chance to experience some uzbek food during their 2 week popup.

Pilav being cooked in a large vessel

Uzbekist Pilav at their popup

Excuse the blurry photo, that’s all I had range in plus my phone was bad.


Metro Station

Getting to the Expo 2020 will continue to be accessible through the metro station with route 2020 as the dedicated stop.

Movement around District 2020

Movement within the area will have autonomous mobility moving around the 4km loop across key landmarks. You can expect pod like vehicles or mini autonomous buses

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