Stroopwafel Dubai

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There’s nothing like a fresh stroopwafel with some of your favorite toppings. A popular dutch treat has made its way across the world.

Where to buy Stroopwafels in Dubai?

Unfortunately, you don’t get fresh Stroopwafels in Dubai. There used to be a store in DIP (Dubai Investment Park) called Vinkers Waffles that used to serve fresh Stroopwafels, unfortunately they had to close it.


Stroopwafels in Abu Dhabi – Yes, you can take a trip to Abu Dhabi. Stroopwafel Cafe in Abu Dhabi offers freshly served dutch waffles. They also provide take home packages. Rated 4.1 on Zomato and Google Reviews. (We will do a review soon)

Supermarket Premade Packs – Not the biggest fan but does pretty well. A common brand you’d find is Double Delights Original Dutch Caramel Waffles. Another brand commonly seen across store is Daelmans Original Wafer. (Although the original dutch cookie isn’t supposed to contain caramel, but rather stroop. Stroop has a similar consistency to caramel however)

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