Nathan’s Famous Abu Dhabi – Testing with Cloud Kitchens

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A few months ago browsing through Deliveroo, I came across Nathan’s Famous. I was just surprised that I hadn’t seen it around anywhere nor any advertisement (which I would generally see for any chain opening in UAE). To come to realize that it’s a cloud kitchen (which I earlier thought was a concept for brands that didn’t exist). I’ll go in detail on cloud kitchens later as this isn’t a piece on them. Here’s more on my review with Nathan’s Famous.

nathan's famous


At first I won’t have a good comparison to delivery vs dining experience for Nathan’s famous. At the onset though; it does have a nice simple packaging (and you realize this is how most cloud kitchens package their food).

The Food

Hot dog, onion rings, chicken sandwich and fries from Nathan's famous in brown packaging kept open

The food gives a good mark in terms of appearance, however to keep it short I wouldn’t recommend it. We’ll go into each item as well but here’s my take; for a brand that I have heard about for long didn’t appease me. It could be that the cloud kitchen didn’t operate on the same quality (inb4:< It’s fast-food, chill with quality) or that’s how it is in US too.

Hot Dog

It was a fair hot dog; let’s give it that. A nice roll; meat didn’t seem to match the praise.

The Onion Rings from Nathan’s Famous

Let’s get this out of the way, was nothing like how Nathan’s famous serves their onion rings. This is quite the frozen onion rings (something like lamb western).


This is a tricky game in fast food. They just don’t pan out well; frozen fries are good for the first few mins, then it’s best to stay away.

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