Things to Do in Nizwa

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Things to Do in Nizwa

Nizwa is known as the old capital of Oman. It is well-renowned for its ancient forts and castles that are located amongst the wild wadis (Arabic for valley). Capture the true essence of the Omani culture in these places, far from the modern capital. It is a small city with not a lot to do and should take you a short while to complete.

The drive to Nizwa from Muscat takes approximately 3 hours, and the trip is very pleasant with well-built highways and the striking beauty of the Al-Hajar mountains, and the wadis. Have your camera ready to capture unexpected but breathtaking views along the way. There are plenty of shops all along the way so don’t worry if you need to stop anywhere.

1. Nizwa Fort

The Nizwa Fort is one of the oldest forts in Oman and is known for its ancient Omani architecture and its light dusky colour. The whole construction took almost 12 years to complete, standing atop the tower gives a wonderful view of the entire city of Nizwa.

2. Local Market

A huge local market around the compound attracts numerous local vendors to sell various cultural artefacts and food items too. Frankincense is a popular commodity here and make sure you try the fresh fruits and halwa. The iconic Omani khanjar is sold here in all shapes and sizes.

3. Food

The interesting cross roads brings a lot of interesting food to try. Traditional restaurant, seafood restaurant and a Turkish restaurant around the area


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