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Welcome to Vik, Iceland 
The village of Vík í Mýrdal is much more than the home-base, swing-by, service town reputation it holds amongst tourists and tour buses! Jennifer Jones shows us the most exciting parts of this place, why don't we join her.

Places to Visit

  • Dyrholaey

    Dyrholaey literally means “the hill island with a door hole.” The place got its name from the massive arch that the sea has eroded from the headland.

  • Black Sand Beach

    Just like everything else in Iceland, the Black Sand Beaches of Vík are quite magical.Being able to witness a black beach is one of a kind experience and usually covered by a beautiful and dramatic sky.

  • Balsalt Columns

    The basalt cliffs Reynisfjall are such an iconic view as well. Legends say the cliffs are former trolls who tried to drag their boats out to sea but were surprised by sudden rising dawn.

We’re heading to Hofn next

Vik was nothing less than a place from another planet being so beautiful and dramatic. Our last stop on this destination is Vik.

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