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Welcome to Trnava, Slovakia
Stretching between Bratislava and Nitra is one of the oldest royal towns of Slovakia, Trnava. Trnava was once a church capital of the Kingdom of Hungary in the past and now it is a dynamic and ever growing city painting with beautiful Renaissance, gothic and Baroque attracting tourists from all around the world. 

Places to Visit

  • Trnava City Tower 

    The City Tower is one of the most important historic monuments of Trnava, Slovakia. The tower's construction began on 28 July 1574. In 1666 and 1683 the tower was affected by fire and since then it has remained without a roof. 

  • Sculpture of Holy Trinity

    The top of the four-metre pillar bears the sculptural group of the Holy Trinity in the act of crowning Virgin Mary. Stone cartouches mounted in the centres of the pedestal walls contain the coats of arms of the Town of Trnava.  

  • Medieval Defensive Wall

    The Defensive wall in Trnava is one of the most iconic architecture found in Trnava. The wall was built in the presence of King Bela IV and dates back to 1238. The walls are said to have faced great history and now help the city control traffic regulations. 

  • Basilica of St. Nicolas 

    Standing on the site of an older Romanesque church from the 14th century, there is another important Gothic monument on the Námestie Sv. Mikuláša square - St. Nicolas Minister. It was a cathedral church of the Esztergom Archbishop in the years 1543-1820.

We’re heading to Nitra next

Trnava is was very pleasing, our next stop on this journey is Nitra.

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