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Welcome to St. Petersburg, Russia
St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and is known as the most European city of the country. More than 2,000 libraries, 220 museums, and 80 theaters make up the city’s well-established cultural landscape, while edgy art galleries, bohemian cafés, boisterous underground clubs, and cool hostels

Places to Visit

  • Palace Square

    The palace of square is the main square in St. Petersburg laid out in 1819-1829 and is known to have a prominent place in history. The place that was once an eye witness to the massacre of the ‘Bloody Sunday’ is now a peaceful place where locals and tourists come to enjoy an evening looking at the architectural monuments that surround it. 

  • Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

    The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is a former Russian Orthodox church in Saint Petersburg, Russia which currently functions as a secular museum. The structure was constructed between 1883 and 1907. It is one of Saint Petersburg's major attractions.

  • Peter and Paul Fortress

    The Peter and Paul Fortress was the first built building in St. Petersburg is known for the most part under the auspices of the St. Petersburg Museum of History, with a number of permanent and temporary exhibitions charting the various aspects of the compound's past. 

  • Hermitage Museum

    The hermitage Museum has a sumptuous interior boasting one of the world’s greatest art collection.The permanent collection at The Hermitage includes about three million works of art that span the centuries from paleolithic to contemporary. The museum is so large that it is impossible to visit all galleries in one visit but tickets for multiple days are available.

  • Saint Isaac's Cathedral

    St. Isaac's Cathedral was originally the city's main church and the largest cathedral in Russia. It was built between 1818 and 1858, by the French-born architect,  to be one of the most impressive landmarks of the Russian Imperial capital. One hundred and eighty years later the gilded dome of St. Isaac's still dominates the skyline of St. Petersburg.  

We’re heading to Sochi next

St. Petersburg was nothing less than a gem in the treasure of Russia, the next stop on this trip is Sochi.

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