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Welcome to Rosario, Argentina  
Roserio is the largest city in the central Argentina. The most cheapest way to get to Roserio from Buenos Aires is to take the train and if you want to reach fast, you can take the taxi too! Steve along with his companion is going to take us through this city and tell us about the history and culture of the place where the flag of Argentina has been raised first.

Places to Visit

  • Monumento a la Bandera

    Monumento a la Bandera also known as the National Flag Memorial (Argentina) is a monumental complex built near the shore of the Parana River where in 1812 Colonel Manuel Belgrano hoisted Argentina’s first national flag. The structure evokes nationalist expressions typical of the period in which the monument was built but also reflects the country’s pre-Colombian past, pan-American brotherhood, and Hispanic heritage.

  • Parque Independencia

    The Parque de la Independencia (Independence Park) is a large public park in Rosario, province of Santa Fe, Argentina towering over the western edge of the Colonial City and facing the start of Calle El Conde, Independence Park ranks among the DR’s most sacred sites.

We’re heading to Cordoba next

Roserio was great and rich in history and Monumento a la Bandera was my personal favourite. We are now going to take a bus ride to Cordoba.

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