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The year was 1992. A diver named Juca Ygarape and his franco Brazilian expedition team dived deep into the Lago Azul to explore the underwater enchants of Bonito. What they found shook the foundation of the world! Bubble-wrapped divers, immersed in blue waters of the river inside a cave, arrived with their cameras inches from rare fossils of a giant sloth that inhabited the region 3 years ago. In addition to it, there are hundreds of other animal fossils from an ancient era- including the Saber-toothed tiger. 

The whole saw the expeditions on the television where images in high resolutions and impressive colours were shown who was close to the reality of the underwater universe of Bonito. People were amazed to see this enchanting beauty of aquatic life in brazil. Millions flocked to see it with their own eyes. That's the history of Nascent Azul!

Things to Do

  • Scuba Diving in the Crystal Blue Waters of Azul

    What Bonito scuba offers goes way beyond diving into the crystal clear water of Bonito. It is an experience of those who were trying for the first time, and they transformed their passion into the underwater universe of Bonito. Scuba diving in Bonito is much more than visualizing the tropical shoals of fish or the tropical gardens in constant motion. Some waterways reveal incredible wonders. All you need is an oxygen cylinder behind you, goggles, a scuba diving rubber dress, and fish shoes. Straight you dive into the nascent Azul!

  • The Beautiful Turquoise Blue Spring

    Imagine yourself dreaming, running through the lush forest, floating with the fish, and flying like a burd all at the same time. It is only possible in the magical blue spring of Nascent Azul. Nature here allows us to experience intense emotion and happiness in a crystalline state. Let the trip begin!

  • Reception

    You will be provided all the safety procedures needed during COVID-19 pandemics like sanitization, masks, and gloves in the reception. A short video of the tour will be shown before the actual trip begins.

  • The Trail Leading to Paradise!

     A long 700-meter trail leads you to the paradise of Bonito. You will follow the course with full accessibility in the middle of the lush landscape of the tropical riparian forest, including a fantastic waterfall made of limestone tufts. You can spot some native animals like monkeys, pecans, deer, tapirs, and many birds. The trail ends in the east where you will discover the blue spring that will blow your mind forever.

  • The Enchantress of Spring!

    The striking blue water of the blue spring has always intrigued people. The water reflects the turquoise colour of the sun and hence given the name of the spring. An incredible variety of flora and fauna are found here which are so colourful that you will be amazed to see the lively collection of colours underwater. Imagine yourself floating in the water! You will feel as if you are in an aquarium! Wearing the floating types of equipment adapted for floating, you will anticipate a different sensation entirely unknown to you before. The sunlight makes the water look like a mirror with myriad shades of blue and sparkling turquoise. The spring water is about 7 meters from the surface, with an average flow of 182 litres per second. Take off the floating vest and dive deep into the spring with the fish accompanying you every moment. 

  • Impressive 300 Meters of your Travel

    Wear your floating vest and simply relax! You will find your legs rising upwards slowly, and an invisible hand is keeping your body in balance with the density of the water. You are partially submerged in water/. You can breathe normally, but you can also move 360 degrees around you, watching all the sights at the same time. The smooth gliding of water will take you 300 meters where you will see a lot of life. More than 10 species of fish and 30 types of plants welcome you into their secret world.

  • Aqualokko 

    In the centre of the bridge, you will be amazed to find adults and children balancing on ever moving bridges, knocking them all over and producing water splashes and waterfalls of laughter. This is where kids fly by in water zip lines. This is where people celebrate communion with nature by bathing in it and drowning in the relaxing and invigorating massage performed by the water itself.

  • Zipline: Human Pendulum!

    The blue spring provides you with another adventure where you will fly like a bird. The most extensive zip line of Mato Grosso Do Sul. Not only it will reveal the natural wonders of Bonito from a total point of view, flying over a paradise setting but also you will be able to see the riparian forests in the hills of Serra da bodoquena all around you. You will feel free like the birds in the sky, and you will realize how beautiful their lives are! The 450 meters cable will make you swing like a human pendulum. You go spinning and bouncing in the air like a child who has discovered to possess superpowers. Your body will rise above 12 meters, and you will feel strong emotions rushing towards you.

  • Disney Eco-Tourism

    The blue spring is often compared with American Disneyland. Although the only difference is that it is the ecological Disney land where it is possible to live different interaction experiences with nature. The fazendas are more striking than the swamps of Florida created by Walt Disney. The Blue Spring is a complete ride! It's a full package interlocked with nature: travelling through the forest, floating and diving into the spring, flying in the air with the zipline, and much more!

  • Chapel Lake

    This lake is crystal clear supplied by the running water that comes directly from the Blue Spring. The emerald green looks enticing and, magical enough to intrigue one's mind and capture and hypnotize one's soul. It provides the ideal opportunity to dive among the rich aquatic fauna and flora of Bonito. The 40 minutes long dive offers immense relief to one's body and mind. it's 100% safe with a group of maximum 2 divers accompanied all-time by a diving instructor. The lago Da Chapela is up to 5 meters deep.

  • Unending Fun at the Kiosk

    Here at Balneario Nascente Azul one can relax and enjoy the beautiful landscape surrounding the Blue Spring, the ecological pools, and the playful beaches for the children. The chapel and the crystalline lake of green water with a vast vat of trees and animals. You can relax at the fantastic bar and the restaurant after the finishing of the trip. Here you can indulge your free time at the beach with a kiosk, waterfall massages, ecological swimming pools, volleyball court, locker room, hammock, and bar and restaurant to fill your tummy with delicious bonito Cuisines.

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Azul provides the best safety for you and your family on this trip! Nascente Azul has a real concern for you and your family when it comes to safety and wellness. That is why they have provided activities which will satisfy people of all ages, irrespective of physical fitness. Everyone can enjoy the ambience of Azul! The tour is certified by ISSO 21101, and each of the instructors are highly trained and professional in their field of work.

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