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Welcome to Mendoza, Argentina
No trip to Argentina would have been complete without a detour to Mendoza and visiting the wineries of this city. If you are a wine lover, you cannot afford to miss this city and if you are not, well don't worry we have got you covered as we are going to show you around the city as well.

Places to Visit

  • Plaza Independencia

    The plaza marks the city centre, a beautiful square with pergolas, fountains, frequent artisan fairs, and cultural events. Following the 1861 earthquake, the new city was rebuilt around this area. From Tuesday through Sunday, an extensive craft fair gets going about 4 pm. On weekend evenings free live concerts and puppet shows take place here.

  • Mercado Central

    Shopping in Mendoza can be an exciting adventure, especially if you go to Mercado Central (central market) in downtown Mendoza located on Ave. Las Heras and Patricias Mendocinas. Be prepared for an exciting crowded environment that allows for a friendly conversation with locals.

  • Bodegas Lopez Winery 

    Bodegas Lopez winery is an established name in Mendoza’s wine making scene, and they are also a popular bodega with day visitors seeing as they offer a mix of free and paid tours.

  • Cerro de la Gloria 

    The Cerro de la Gloria (Glory Hill) is a small mount located in the city of Mendoza, Argentina, at the General San Martin Park. It features a huge memorial monument to the Army of the Andes at the top. It is a bronze monument of fourteen tons that pays tribute to the Army of the Andes for its successful campaign of liberation. Tons of water fountains will catch your eye as you walk through the park

We’re heading to Iguaza Falls next

Hope you didn’t have too many glasses of wine, becayse we still have one destination left!

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