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Welcome to Kazan, Russia 
Kazan is a city located in southwest Russia and  it's known for the centuries-old Kazan Kremlin, a fortified citadel containing museums and sacred sites. It is the oldest city and the capital of Tatarstan which is home to 115 nationalities. 

Places to Visit

  • Bauman street

    Baumana Street is a pedestrian street in the heart of Kazan, the capital of the Tatarstan, Russia. It is named after Nikolay Bauman, a Russian revolutionary, and is located in the central part of the city.

  • Epiphany Cathedral 

    The Epiphany Cathedral was listed among the landmarks of federal significance in 1960. The building’s intricate composition is crowned with a tall bell tower. The Cathedral’s decor is incredible, bizarre and unique. The combination of the Old Russian decor, Baroque elements, and indigenous Siberia motifs make the Cathedral look graceful.

  • The Kazan Kremlin 

    The Kazan Kremlin is the great symbol of Kazan and the Republic of Tatarstan.

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    Söyembikä Tower (Khan’s Mosque)

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