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Once upon a time, hundreds of years ago a Portuguese named Aleixo Garcia stepped foot in one of the most beautiful eco-system of the planet in search of gold. The beautiful flooded plains of Pantanal South, the lush green vegetation, and the diversified flora and fauna created chaos in his heart and settled there till his end. Long after this story, another man named Dr Helios, a cardiologist after the second world war arrived in this Fazenda as a specialised officer. He fell in love with a nurse named Cynthia. They solemnised their marriage and started a family in Campo Grande. One day Dr Helio took his beautiful wife to visit the Pantanal south. On seeing the hills of Serra da Bodoquena, he remembered his Californian hills. As a result, he named this area of 1500 hectares Fazenda San Francisco to commemorate his passionate love for his wife.

This beautiful love story has become an attractive feature for many tourists in Fazenda San Francisco. Every year many young couples visit this exquisite fantastic piece created by Nature with their own hands to celebrate their love and dedication towards their close ones.

Things to Do

  • Flickering of Lights

    Every day the sky above the Fazenda San Francisco flickers a multitude of colours making the whole ambience magical and fairy-like. The blue sky and the sun's red glow fall upon the lush green trees and crystal clear waters, which creates an utterly indescribable aura. Come to Fazenda and look to witness the beautiful rays of Nature yourself!

  • Fazenda San Francisco is A – Lister in Agro Eco Tourism 

    For the first time, if a place reconciled the concept of agriculture, livestock, and tourism, it was this place: Fazenda San Francisco! It created a virtuous circle linking all three together and prioritises the benefits of ecology and provides housing, education, and a working future of around 30 families working under this area. They specialise in the genetic cross-breeding of cattle and created 60% of the revenue earned from 1500 hectares of the biome pantaneiro area. They have created an indigenous method of survival that will show you how to preserve everything for the planet's future. Unlike many other tourist spots, Fazenda San Francisco utilises every drop of water, every cent of soil, and every inch of land to benefit both the human and the animals living within it. 

  • Innumerous Activities!

    Here one can laze off a day watching the beautiful scenario around, breathing the fresh air of the forest, and listening to the birds' cacophony. Or one can get up early before sunrise, pack a water bottle, wear a pair of rubber shoes and a full sleeve dress and apply a repellent and start the journey with a couple of binoculars and a camera. The emblematic smoothing waters of Miranda, the picturesque settlement of Salobrena, and the Sao Domingos Creek will blow your mind away. You will realise what a fantastic place you have visited and you will thank Mato Grosso South Pantanal for allowing you to witness the real cultural life of the site! Here is an eco-system grander and more significant than the whole of Europe covering 1500 hectares, home of 100 reptile species, 134 species of mammalians, 236 species of fish, and 650 types of birds! Naturally, the activities are concluded into four-day packages covering the chalana boat tour, hiking in Sao Domingos' creek, canoeing in the river Miranda, horse riding, bird watching, night safari, and a delicious Barbeque!

  • Chalana Boat Tour! 

    A chalana Is a flat bottom boat ideal for sailing in the shallow and tranquil waters of Corixo Sao Domingos. You can see a multitude of birds flying high above the sky or swimming with the boat near you throughout the boat ride. You can see cormorants, hawks, caiman, alligators, and even Pirahna! The whole trip is mesmerising in mother nature's arms, where the birds and the humans bond a unique connection of love for each other.

  • Canoeing 

    Canoeing in a small motorboat on the Sao Domingos Creek is another desired adventure for many tourists. Inside the 1500 hectares land, there is a 700 hectares forest reserve and along the forest glides the beautiful Miranda river. The boat carries 12 passengers, and for the next 3 hours and 30 minutes, you will get lost in the mystique flora around you. You will be wide-eyed seeing the immense variety of life around the river. Hundreds of birds flock upon the creek to drink water. If luck permits, one can also see a sporting Jaguar on the trail!

  • Hiking on Vazante Trail!

    On a long 900 meters trail, you can enjoy the blissful ambience of the Fazenda forest reserve. One can see the various animals creeping along the side of the course. Marsh deer, otters, caimans. Bears, capybaras, ocelots, and much more. If you are lucky, you can also see a jaguar! Guides will accompany you throughout the trail, and at the end of the course, the view is spectacular. At 10 meters high, you will see the colourful landscape below merging with the south's horizon. This delights the soul!

  • Night Safari

    The world looks so much more vivid at night with all the nocturnal animals hunting for prey and birds hooting at each other. The nightly journey enhances the imagination of both adults and children. The trip begins: Under the light of many torches, people start their destination from the headquarters travelling to either Guara or Ocelot. During this time, animals at Pantanal come out from their den for a hunt or a walk. And they find the bright lights of your camera! The wolf, the maned wolf, the deer, the ocelot, the giant anteater, and the jaguar and puma are some of the animals you can encounter on this safari trip. The night will surely be an unforgettable one!

  • Horse Riding

    If you love horses, here you will get an ample opportunity to ride upon them and feel the airbrush your face and blow your hair when they gallop along the trail of Vazante. The sound of goofs creates a rhythm across your minds and will transport you to the ancient world of cowboys and Mexican gauchos.

  • Piranha Fishing 

    Pirhana is a carnivorous fish found only in the Amazon basin of South America. In Fazenda San Francisco you can get a chance to go fishing piranhas. Alligators! An abundance multitude of alligators is found in the creek of Sao Domingos. Killing alligators is banned in Bonito, but one can feed and take photos with the great reptiles if one wishes!

  • Delicious Barbeque

    Barbeque is always one of the most delicious aromatic cuisine ever created by man. Here you will find the best-baked meat ever produced in the pastures of Mato Grosso in the open under the clear sparkling sky. Between typical tribal dances and songs with the drums' beating, you can enjoy the yummy food with the cultural exhibition of the Brazilians.  

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Pantanal south Fazenda San Francisco is a fantastic destination with lots of positive vibration.

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