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As long as you stay in Bonito, you stay in heaven. It is a paradise for nature lovers, mountain trekkers, and those who love to lie down in the warm sea scented beaches in peace. Cabanas Adventuras provides you with a gleaming holiday with a complete package of rafting, gliding, and tree climbing, and what not! Forests around river Formoso with thousands of trees, small mammals, and birds will heighten not only your senses but also will intensify your desires for an adventure. You will find yourself immersing in the beautiful skin-crawling adventure of climbing trees, paragliding upon the river, and float on giant buoys. Here you will feel yourself at peace with nature, a sense of oneness with the thousands of species inhabiting this heavenly place waiting for you to delve into their lands and enjoy!

What's the story all about?
Cabanas is located at 6 km downtown from bonito between the confluence of two rivers Formoso and Formosinho in a natural area with many wildlife. Hotel cabanas have 20 rooms scattered all over the area. They offer a series of tours and activities to the tourists who come and visit a beautiful place amid nature. The energy of nature, the woods' beauty, and the singing birds mesmerized the Sao Paolian family who visited here for the first time in 1999. They proposed the creation of hotel cabanas completed in 2002 who now fulfils the wishes of all those who visit here with the intention of tubbing, bird watching, and swimming in the cool waters. Hotel Cabanas offer a unique style of the tour for its guests. An electronic watch to keep you under the hotel radar is completely new in this area. You will be provided with a watch that contains an electronic chip that will act as a GPS and confirm your location to the hotel and keep a note of your spendings and expenditures on the hotel amenities. Isn't that new to you? You have to fill a form for the safety management system where you will have to mention your health conditions and medical issues if you have any. After signing the form, you are ready to go for your adventure!

Things to Do

  • Activities at Cabanas

    Cabanas adventure offers you a wide expanse of activities to make you feel like a young Robinson Crusoe on a wild drifted island. 

  • Zipline

    This is one of the most amazing adventures that Cabanas Adventuras offers you. Reaching the river formoso by flying the zip line to test your balance in stand up and your strength to overcome the rest of the challenges in the adventurous land. The trail itself is a formidable attraction.

  • Canopy Tour

    Living like a bird! Have you ever wondered how it feels like living a day like a bird, climbing on trees, walking some feet above the land? Just as we love birdwatching, Well, here birds enjoy human watching! Crossing 18 obstacles and performing 20 different activities, in a 250 meters long canopy tour, imagination runs wild and free here in the game of tree climbing and watching the land from above. Around 15 meters high cable wagon system, you will be bounded to keep your body 100% connected to the tree climbing platform. Step by step! Tree by tree! The more you move forward, the more you will overcome all the challenges, boost your self-confidence, and remember your childhood memories. In the end, you will receive a reward – A zip line and a waterfall in Formosinho, to help you to celebrate your newly found confidence refreshingly into the cool waters.

  • River Tubing

    River tubing is one of the most enthralling pieces of activity that cabanas adventura offers to you! If you decide to live a day like a fish, this one is for you! Crossing 6 falls with a span of 1200 meters in length, this adventure will make you feel magical and ecstatic. To become a fish for a day simply put on your helmet, wear the buoys vest, take off your shoes, and lie down on the giant buoy. Leave the rest on the river! Rapids and waterfalls will spice up your journey, and you will create a new bond with the nature of Bonito. Tube rafting is a speciality in bonito. This particular 50 minutes tubbing will make a wonderful, unforgettable memory to last a lifetime. There will be local guides to help you throughout the journey if you get dizzy and fall in the river.

  • Bird Watching

    Around 1500 meters of trails are all built across the hotel cabana to help you watch the 140 species of different types of birds found in bonito. A relaxing hike with a pair of binoculars watching the colourful tails all around you in the forest seems like a colourful page from a fairy tale! Cabanas Adventuras offers you a fantastic adventure for bird lovers. You can watch birds from your porch, specially designed for this purpose, or from the trails built around the hotel for gazing at the different creations of Almighty. Not only birds, but you can also see small mammals and other rodents on the trail. Most common birds found in bonito are Hyacinth Macaw, manakin, toco Toucan, violet capped woodnymph, yellow-faced parrot, black-eared fairy, and many more.

  • Waterfall

    From a few meters from the hotel, at one of the 16 entry points of the river, there is a majestic waterfall where you can swim and loosen your stiffened nerves on a hot sultry day. The river's cool waters help you transport yourself to a different place where none but the luxury of nature and the aroma of the trees reside! Relax in a hammock or jump into the crystal water of the fall and do some snorkelling to enjoy the day in your way.

  • Relax in the Cabanas

    Cabanas in Portuguese means "huts". Here are the hotel cabanas. They will provide you bungalows and huts made of wood, fully air-conditioned well furniture relaxing bedrooms, and a bathroom with a jacuzzi and a private porch relaxing and watching the birds around. A hammock on the porch to laze off the evening listening to the sound of crickets will transport you to a different realm and sphere. The huts are built in the forest to create a special bond between you and Nature itself. Here you can feel how ancient people used to live inside deep jungles surrounded by trees all around and occasionally cry of a parakeet or a toucan. 

We’re heading to Buraco das Araras next

At the end of your tour, you will feel a sense of spiritual bliss washed away by your tired and depressed soul. You will feel rejuvenated and delighted and refreshed! Before coming for this wonderful self-exploration journey, book your ticket in advance with your travel agency. Cabanas Adventura provides a limited number of guests per day to keep the ambience undamaged and unscathed. 

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