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Thousands of years ago one night when the sabre-toothed tigers and giant sloths and tapirs and giant armadillos were roaming in the forest, there was a massive crash that made the woods shudder with fear. After the dust had settled, one of the most impressive visions of the planet emerged. A hole of extraordinary proportions! Over the years, many stories have circulated regarding its, miraculous formation. Some say it's a meteor while some remark it as the collapse of a cave roof. But the cattle breeders and people of Bonito know it better as the Hole of the Macaws!

Things to Do

  • The largest Dolina of South America

    The word Dolina means valley. This spectacular valley created hundreds of years ago by the earth has proven the Supreme Power's hand that could work miracles. 500 meters in circumference,30 floors deep around 100 meters, this super hole was not just a day's work. This hole began to be dug around 10 million years ago. Geologists remark that there was a possibility of water that supported the ceiling of the cave. The water slowly ebbed out. The pressure sucked the cave and made the roof collapse making it a beautiful stadium for the macaws!

  • Emerald lake

    At the bottom of the hole is a heavenly emerald lake full of water. Probably this is the water that once supported the ceiling of the cave. It formed a lake once the roof collapsed. The sparkling green water inside the large hole amid the fiery red landscape looks like a page of a fairy tale! Inside the water, there live a team of alligators surviving on frogs and toads. How they find the route to enter the water closet no one knew. Probably they slipped in after heavy rain with the water current, or probably someone put them there! Strange and weird, isn't it?

  • One man and his Macaws

    Once upon a time, the whole grassland was covered with scattered trees. It was a hot, dry land where the trees adapted crocodile-like bark for sustenance. The Brazilian Savanna, as most people called it, was full of nothingness. No birds to glaze the sky, no animals to wander on the fields. It's just the fiery termagants and termites everywhere. During this situation, there came an angel by the name of Mr Modesta Sampanlo. He was a cattleman who has worked his whole life tending their needs. He realized the loss of Brazilian wildlife and the habitat. He brought a large tract of land and started replanting trees. Little was he aware of the existence of the giant hole in the middle of his newly bought treasure. One day he brought two magnificent macaws from a seller nearby in exchange for a pig. He released them into his land where they tasted the first joy of liberty. One day they flew away. Mr Modesta searched for them high and low and found them into the crevice of the giant hole after a long search, building a nest. The hole became the paradise for the macaws. Their shrill calls attracted more macaws to come and join them in their heaven. Slowly the hole of Araras filled with the loud cacophonic cries of the blue-green and red-feathered birds. Mr Modesta realized that he should open up his secret treasure for the benefit of all. People started visiting this marvellous place, school children, photographers, tourists, and other environmentalists. This place was once a fireland where nothing grew. With the untiring hard work of Mr Modesta, it slowly transformed into lush green vegetation with various palm trees. Tourists who visit here fall in love with the place's tranquillity and realize that it's their turn to change the world just like Mr Modesta.

  • Stadium for Birds

    This hole is not only a paradise for the long-tailed macaws but various types of birds as well. More than 150 different species of birds rejoice in their lives in this hole. A massive pack of Marias-faceiras, duck- hawks, rheas, jaws, jacupembas, plovers, tamarind Pantanal, and many more. This place is a haven for bird watchers. Just get a pair of binoculars and come down to watch the birds' match into this big stadium with your own eyes!

  • And the Trip Begins

    Once you get to the reception office, have a glass of coffee and stretch into your hammock for a rest. Then visit the store and buy some necessary items needed for the trip like a pair of rubber shoes, boots, and a camera. The excursion to Buraco Das Araras will be conducted upon the 970-meter long trail with only two stops in between. You will be provided with a guide who will entertain you with various folklore and legends about the hole. The hole was a place for the bandits to store their treasure before it was used to slit the throats of criminals. Throughout the history of Bonito, the hole had served different purposes to different people. The guide will also give you a detailed description of the flora and the fauna's fauna and provide you with some photography tips. With each step, your curiosity and desire to look into the hole will enhance manifold.

  • What Will You See Once You Reach There?

    Once you reach the hole after walking  970meters long trail, you will find yourself on a different planet. A planet is full of birds. Red and green and blue feathered birds calling out to each other, circling the sky and dancing in the air. Their colours are the colours of Brazil. The red for the setting sun and blue for the vast expanse above and green for their residence.

  • Best Time to Come:

    From June to December the Hole becomes a stadium for the macaws. It becomes one of Red Macaws' largest concentrations in the world with around 120 individuals with different colours, corners, flights, and personalities. Macaws can lay 3 eggs in a rock span, which speeds up the population of this already endangered bird. You can book two types of Visitations: From 1.20 pm walking the trail to the valley and spending 4 pm or more in the spot and waiting for your photos' ideal colours and lights. But in both cases, you will be immersed in the beauty of the Buraco Das Araras.

  • One of the Seven Wonders of Bonito

    Today this place is considered one of the seven wonders of Bonito. The rarest specimens of flora and fauna, the crystal clear waters, the caves, and the abyss, and the Dolina all make up an excellent spectacular tourist spot for enthusiastic visitors all over the planet. More than twenty thousand visitors come here annually for photography, blogging, and satiate their travel lust souls.

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All the thanks and gratitude go to Mr Modesta, the Hero of the cerrado who first took the initiative to change the earth back to what it looked like once upon a time. He will always be the angel and the liberator of the macaws!

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