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A long time ago, when humans still lived in paradise and animals ruled the earth, a group of animals came together to decide which one would have which waterfall of heaven. The macaw chose the one which was filled with tufts of limestone. The monkey chose the waterfall within a cave because it was peaceful. Quota chose the waterfall in the shape of a stair with natural pools around it. The tapir was happy with her selection: a waterfall with a large rock to view the spectacular droplets forming a rainbow. The otter selected a small real green gem of a waterfall. Djibouti fell in love with a waterfall having a beautiful rock formation. But none of them dared to choose the most imposing of them with 156 meter high, the highest of them all, which today the whole world looks in awe and exclaims as Boca da OncaThe mouth of the jaguar!

Things to Do

  • Serra da Bodoquena 

    The vast expanse of the earthly paradise of around 300 km long with rich and colourful biomes of Pantanal, Chaco, and Cerrado, inhabited by 340 species of birds and 50 species of fish and 60 species of mammals, the walls of Boca da onca are washed by the crystal clear blue water of Salobra river, making it a place worth visiting. It is often called the paradise of bonito who protects the jaguar, the vinegar dog, the blue macaw, and the giant anteater. The fantastic trip begins!

  • Receptive Area

    At the beginning of the trip, you will reach the receptive area to follow all the safety procedures for covid19. You will be provided with a pair of water shoes for your adventure. You can have a delicious breakfast consisting of traditional cuisines of brazil and Mato Grosso do Sul. You will be provided with an ID card and a short informative video about the trip to be undertaken.

  • The Longest Tour of Bonito is Boca de Onca

    The trip is divided into two roads. One consists of a 4.5 km long trail with 8 waterfalls. The second one is called the discovery trail of paradise, which is 6.5 km long and 50 waterfalls and cascades surrounded the whole area. The trip takes around 5 hours to complete.

  • The Highest Platform in Brazil!

    A rappel is 90 meters high and projects 15 meters into space and is considered the most elevated platform in brazil. One can visualize the whole landscape of bonito standing high up among the clouds and feel the fresh air upon his face. It's a kind of spacecraft that provides a fantastic journey. Green trees clustered together and the river Salobrena flowing at her own sweet will makes the whole atmosphere enchanting and eye appealing. 

  • A Staircase that Links Heaven and Earth!

    There is a staircase that goes up to the end of the rappel 90 meters high and goes down to the incredible waterfalls below. People call this staircase the connector of heaven and earth. All your attention will focus on the beauties of the sea wall canion and the sweeping view of the green Rio Slobra river.

  • White Sand Beaches to Soothe Your Mind!

    After coming down from the rappel, you would be taken to the beach of the Salobrena river. The beach's white smooth grains and the peaceful ambience of the area relaxes and soothes the nerves. People naturally visit here for photography and contemplations.

  • The Mouth of the Jaguar!

    The rocks are shaped as if the jaguar is open-mouthed ready to hunt its prey. People say that if suddenly someone by chance tends to fall into this place, he would be frightened to see the colossal mouth shaped waterfall in front. 156-meter high imposing waterfall of Boca da onca is considered the highest in the land. The Cascades of water running down the slippery rocks falling into the Salobrena river beneath and creating ripples of waves all around. The area looks stunning. So exquisitely beautiful!

  • Kiosk n' Lunch

    After the waterfall, the guide will accompany you to the kiosk, a place for rest: Toilet and lunch. Here you will be provided with an open-air lunch amid greenery and small mammals all around. one can feel himself in a bond with mother nature eating and enjoying the weather at the same time. 

  • Poco da Lantra: Let's Swim!

    After you are freshened up, you will be taken to poco da lantra. A small waterfall 2.5 meters deep covered by trees all around. It's an excellent point for swimming and contemplation in the woods... There is an underwater staircase which is used for standing in the middle of the poca. The torque crystal clear water with small fishes will tingle your toes when you stand. That feeling is indescribable.

  • Cachoeira de Fantasma 

    It's a fantasmagorical world with a peaceful small waterfall rippling across the river, creating an ambience fit for meditation and gaining salvation. One can feel Buddha here sitting under the shades of trees and contemplating watching the beautiful sun rays flickering the cascades of water falling in front.

  • Buraco do Macaco: The Monkey's Hole.

    People who do not swim can use the live vest to go underneath the cave to see the waterfall. Here are two wonders: the cave and the waterfall, which is 7 meters high. You can go down and dive into the natural pool and then enter the cave through a tunnel. Inside the Monkey's Hole, one can find a spectacular view of the water curtain at the edge of the cave with a white shroud. The beauty of the waterfall gets enhanced when the sun rays fall upon it. This is one of the most talked-about attractions by tourists worldwide who visit Bonito and Boca da Onca.

  • Cascata do Jabuiti

    Jabuiti chose for herself a beautiful small waterfall with a rock formation that shone with the rays of the sun falling upon it. The whole area is created by corals millions of years ago and is unstable for humans to reach the water. So, simply watch, contemplate, and click beautiful photos. 

  • Ghost Waterfall : Cachoeira da Anta

    As the name suggests, this is one of the most mystique waterfalls on the earth. Following the trail upon a rickety staircase, observe the natural pools' travertine edges, you will find one of the most mysterious waterfalls whose source is still unknown. The opening of the cave from where the waterfall is tumbling out is closing more and more over time.

  • Two Edges Beauty

    Then comes the two edges of beauty. On one side is the Piscinas da cotia, the beautiful cascading waterfall. On the opposite side is the Janela para o ceu, the picturesque landscape which makes people go into a trance. The beauty is overwhelming and stunning! After 5 hours of tripping and walking into nature's one of the greatest delights, it's time for a return.

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You will experience different emotions throughout the journey during the hours you have spent in Boca da Onca, and the only word you will speak on your return is: unique!

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