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Welcome to Stiavnica, Slovakia
Banská Štiavnica is notable both for its geology and its architecture. The ‘valley’ that it’s in is actually a caldera, or a collapsed ancient volcano. Only about 10,000 people call this town home, but they are fortunate enough to be living in an extraordinarily well-preserved medieval town that is another one of Slovakia’s UNESCO sites. 

Places to Visit

  • Banska Stiavnica Cavalry 

    Calvary Banská Štiavnica is a late-Baroque Cavalry, architectural and landscape unit in Slovakia, unique in extent and content, formed in the years 1744–1751. It is one of the most important cavalry in the whole of Europe. 

  • Holy Trinity Square

    In the middle of Banská Stiavnica's main square is the Baroque Plague Column, built after the great epidemic of 1710-11. Fine bourgeois houses line the square, including Hollenbach House (home to the Mining Museum) and the building now occupied by the Jozef Kollár Gallery.

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