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The Fazenda turned into a spa for the exclusive leisure of the family. And then as a gift from the parents to their daughter. Here the sun marks the time that you and the children will spend swimming among small fish in the beautiful and crystalline waters of the Formoso, the river that is the face and the joy of Bonito. 

Macaws, llamas, cotias, ponies, monkeys, buffalo: all this class and a lot of friends from the air, from the fields and from the forests spend the day in the Balneario do Sol. And they love to take selfies with the visitors. 

Snorkelling in the river Formoso
Swim at will in Rio Formoso, getting in and out of the water whenever you want, is one of the privileges that Balneário do Sol provides. Even for those who are very young and in the company of their big brother, uncles, daddy or mommy. 

Trampoline and Waterfalls
Small and cosy waterfalls bring pure water to Rio Formoso in the Balneario do Sol. Notice to the left in this photo. Also note that the girl is in doubt whether she swims up to them or continues on the trampoline, just enjoying the scenery. 

Aquatic Zip Line
The boy in the photo had no doubt: he decided to dive in Rio Formoso the way a bird would, flying through the air. The Sun Bathhouse has always alert lifeguards. It's the people at the kiosk on the small island in Rio Formoso.

Running water pool, biribol pool and sports courts
Meanwhile, the girls in the photo gathered in Rio Formoso to play, tell you the news and decide which part of the Sun Spa to know next. It may take a while, the Spa stays open until 17h30.

Giant chess
Everyone can rule the King here. Or in the queen. In the Bishop, if you prefer. Or on the horse. Sun Bath's giant chess board is the biggest hit among adults and children. 

Private Kiosk and Barbecues
Mato Grosso do Sul produces one of the best meats in Brazil. Along with these landscapes, in his kiosk next to Rio Formoso, the barbecue gets that taste of "I never leave here again". 

Day Use
“I never leave here again” is also what this funny macaw must be thinking. The Sun Bathing is a walk Day Use, where you pay a unique value and live also unique moments in Bonito, the ecotourism paradise for all ages. 

Content provided by IDB, Bonito

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