Top things to do in Jinja, Uganda

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The word Jinja is derived from two languages of two different tribes, the Bangandas and the Basogas but the meaning of the word remains the same, that is, ‘Rock’. 

The city lies in the southern part of Uganda along the shores of Lake Victoria while also enjoying the source of White Nile. 

The city was established in 1907 before which it was a fishing village and benefited from its location on long-distance trade routes. The city was also the capital of the Kingdom of Bosaga until it was granted municipality status in 1956 and has been the second busiest city in Uganda after Kampala. 

Look out for the adventurous things that the city has to offer, after all, there is a reason why it’s known as the Adventure Capital of the country. 

Source of the Nile Excursion

The Source of the Nile Excursion is simply the source of the River Nile, the longest river on our planet. This Ugandan hotspot is where the river starts its journey of passing through 10 African countries before it flows into the Mediterranean Sea. 

The place is a unique experience and it is located very close to Jinja making the city unique and most visited in Uganda. 

Reaching to the source of river Nile

The best way to visit the source of Nile Excursion is to drive down from Kampala and take a boat ride to the point of source of River Nile. Upon visiting the city, you will find various travel tours to take you to the desired site. 

It is also suggested that you start your journey early in the morning to avoid the Jinja traffic as the city is known to have the busiest roads as it is the exit and entry road for travellers commuting from Kenya. 

The tour to the exact point takes an hour and there are various water activities available to spend the rest of your day including white water rafting, kayaking and more. 

Even though there isn’t much to do in or around the place, visiting this place is definitely a topic to brag about to your friends and family. After all, it’s always good to say that you have visited the starting point of the longest flowing river on this planet. 

Ripon Falls & Owen falls 

The Ripon Falls was located at the northern end of Lake Victoria and flowing into a small opening where River Nile is believed to start. 

The falls were first discovered by a fellow British Explorer named John Hanning Speke in 1862-1863 who named the falls after George Robinson, 1st Marquess of Ripon. 

The Ripon Falls along with the nearby Owen Falls were submerged after building the Nalubaale Hydroelectric Power Station in 1954, also known as the Owen Falls Dam. 

If you are into the history of the country and want to visit places with significant importance and splendid heritage, you might want to stop by and have a look. 

Speke Memorial Monument

Located at the junction of Lancaster Walk and Budges Walk in Kensington Garden is a red granite statue dedicated to the first European to go to the extent of finding the source of River Nile. 

Even though at that time, the source wasn’t exactly confirmed John Hanning Speke was successful at finding a lead and for that he deserved the nobility and fame that he earned then and still does now. 

Hence, the Speke Memorial Monument is placed in the Kensington Garden where one can visit and take a look at the achievement of Mr. Speke.

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