Visiting Entebbe, Uganda

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Home to the famous Entebbe International Airport where some of the most remarkable and indelible events took place, Entebbe has a history which makes this city an impressive visiting site that it is, and the fact that it is the only city in Uganda with an International airport. 

From where Queen Elizabeth took off and reached her hometown only to be declared the Queen of Europe in 1952 to being the place where a major hostage situation and rescue operation left numerous Ugandans in distress, the city is known to all. 

While many might know the city for its unforgettable stories, there is much more to look forward to when you visit Entebbe. Here are a few things that make it to the list of top attractions in Entebbe.


Entebbe Botanical Gardens

Growing more and more beautiful with age, the Entebbe Botanical Garden tops the list of ‘best places to visit in Entebbe.’ Being a century old, the garden has a serene touch to it that can be felt only by being in its presence. If you have had a long flight and want to spend your day doing something peaceful and low-key, this is a lovely spot to get immersed in nature with an absence of human chaos. The wide-range of birds will welcome you into the magical world of Entebbe with all its glory. 

If you are a birder, carrying a binocular and an East African Ornithology book is highly recommended but if not, a slow drive safari ride will be as satisfying as a bird-watching stroll through the bushes and along the shores of Lake Victoria.

While you are at it, take a basket of lunch for a picnic and make it a full day adventure. The entry fee to visit the Entebbe Botanical Garden is $0.20. 


Uganda Wildlife Education Centre

The Uganda Wildlife Education Centre is popularly known as the Entebbe Zoo. While the Centre keeps its upfront profile as one of the best places to get yourself introduced to the vast biodiversity of the country, the place is also known to keep a low profile for its animal refugee services aided by many organizations from around the world. 

Upon entering the place, you will find yourself getting lost in the network of paths leading to various spacious enclosures where the wildlife creatures have made themselves comfortable and at home. 

Being settled on the shores of Lake Victoria, the place also takes pride in having the longest beach in Uganda offering romantic getaways and ceremonies at a glorious jetty area. This not only makes the place ideal for a unique holiday but also a place of entertainment through festive events and concerts. 

The entry fee for non-residential adults and children is $15 and $10 respectively. While if you are a Ugandan, the fee for adults is 10,000 shillings and for children is 5,000 shillings. 


 Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary

Home to 49 rescued or orphaned Chimpanzees, the Ngamba Island Chimp Sanctuary or ‘Chimp Island’ was established in 1988 as one of its kind. This famous spot in Entebbe is located 23kms away from the city and is a must-visit with various trip packages allowing the visitors to plan their trip flexibly. While 40 hectares of the land is open and available for humans to set foot, the rest of it provided for the chimpanzees to roam around freely. 

The best way to fully enjoy this place is to book a half-day trip or a day trip which usually comes with boat transport and a guide to help you navigate the place and help you examine and understand the distinctive behaviour of all the different chimpanzees. 


Mabamba Swamp 

A whole different kind of experience, the Mahamba Swamp of Entebbe is famously known for the Shoebills inhabiting the place since ages. A birder or not, you will be mesmerized by the distinctive features of the birds of this ecologically diverse and crucially birding site. The swamp is situated on the northern shores of Lake Victoria and is a prime location if you want to experience a new side of the bird wildlife. A distinctive feature about this place is that it is home to 300 types of bird species including the ones that are globally threatened. The best part about reaching this place is that you get to have a canoe ride on the swampy reeds of the lake. 

Take a guide and spend some time learning about the different and fascinating types of birds and it’s guaranteed that you won’t be disappointed. 

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