Shake Shack Chicken Sandwich Review

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Shake Shack Mall of the Emirates

TL;DR – Out of New York, Shake Shack provides an ambience between fast food and restaurants. Generally great burgers, chicken sandwiches and fries. Something I’d recommend unless you’re tight on budget. Can cost averagely 50-70 AED per person. The chickn’ shack costs 30 AED for their regular and suits well if you’re looking for something like an american chicken sandwich with a potato bun. 

Shake Shack Chicken Sandwich Review – Chick’n Shack

I visited the Shake Shack branch in Mall of the Emirates. Located near Ski Dubai and opposite ben cookies at the main food court in level 1. Here is our review on the Shake Shack Chicken Sandwich.

Dish – Chicken Sandwich 

shake shack chicken sandwich

Price – 30 AED (8/10)

Fairly average price for a restaurant style chicken sandwich. 


Serving Size – 7/10 – to compare to a popular sandwich, it’s a little smaller than a McChicken with a patty that’s thicker. 

Bun – 9/10 – Great, as great as a good chicken sandwich bun 

Excellent potato bun, sized suitable for the sandwich. 

Chicken – 8/10 – a well marinated chicken breast

They use a chicken breast, although a lean piece of meat if not overcooked and given its time to marinate works better than chicken thighs (which can be a little too greasy in mismanaged scenarios). 

Crisp – 7/10 – Light batter with a thin crisp

the crisp on the sandwich remains even after a while but it’s a light batter well season but I’d prefer a thicker version. As such the sandwich does not stand to hold a good flavor once away from its original warm. 

Shake Shack Mall of the Emirates

A closer look at the crisp

Sauce – 7/10 – Herb mayo & Pickles 

Good with the pickles, didn’t like the herb mayo. I’d have preferred something like a burger sauce or their regular shack sauce. In my opinion it felt sweeter. 

Ambience – 9/10

Even though it’s in a mall, it’s got a nice space to get some work done or have a meeting. Not crowded usually. Access to WiFi. 

Customer Service – 9/10

Great customer service, I don’t have much to add to that. As much as can be expected out of a Shake Shack. 

Recommendation – 8/10

On the menu item for the Shake Shack Chicken Sandwich, our review would recommend their other sandwiches if you eat beef. I think Shake Shack makes for a good New York style burger joint and I’d recommend anyone looking for a well-sized sandwich (some places really do have oversized sandwiches, which can be nice too but not always haha). They focus on their 3 main products, the burger, the chicken sandwich and hot dog which tells a lot about why they do well at what they do. 

P.S. – we don’t write reviews for restaurants we don’t like. In light of the situation with Covid-19, we have taken a policy of only writing about food outlets we’d prefer going to. Our stance is to say good or say nothing at all. At the same time, we’re critical of our recommendations and will highlight where we feel there are shortcomings. Our scoring is relative to our experiences and chances are that we could be wrong. Send us your recommendations to hello (at)

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