Pizza Inn Fujairah location and tips

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Located in the Fujairah Trade Centre building, Pizza Inn in Fujairah is a little of its own place. It’s also quite close to Fujairah international Airport. Pizza Inn began in Texas by two brothers and was one of the earliest Pizza franchises to launch in the country. Click here for location.

Pizza Inn Fujairah Number

Number for Pizza Inn in Fujairah – 09 222 2557

Man standing by Pizza Inn Fujairah Trade Centre

This place is a delight for the option to sit outside or grabbing your pizza and sitting outdoor at a park nearby.

Recommended Flavors

1. Pizza Inn Special

A good mix with all meats and olives. The original crust gives a good

Pizza Inn Fujairah

2. BBQ chicken

3. Chicken Fajita

4. Be random (ask the server)


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