Where to find handpulled noodles in Dubai

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You can find hand pulled noodles in Zamzam Suyi Restaurant and Lan Zhou Noodle Restaurant. Both are located in International City near Dragon Mart. So far these are the 2 places I know of in Dubai.

Zamzam Suyi Restaurant

Zamzam Suyi Restaurant has now remodeled to As’salam Restaurant reportedly having merged with Intizar restaurant which has now closed. While I am not aware of the complete story, covid-19 added a major effect to the closure of the restaurant. The restaurant serves food from the Xianjiang area of China, more specifically (as I was told) Ughyur Chinese food.

Beef Noodles with Sesame seeds on top and 2 chopsticks inserted in

Lan Zhou Noodle Restaurant

I haven’t been here myself, the ratings on a zomato are around 3.2. The interesting difference I found was that they have the flat version of hand pulled noodles too.

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