Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Dubai

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Chicago style pizza is very very different from your regular italian or new york style pizza. As Jon Stewart would say, “…it’s a ****ing casserole”,”I am surprised you haven’t thought to complete your deep dish pizza by adding canned onion rings”. It’s a crusty border with a layer of cheese, and when I say layer, it is a layerrr and topped with marinara.

Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Dubai

Unfortunately, I haven’t found a place that serves it in Dubai or UAE. UNO Chicago Pizzeria used to be the only restaurant that would serve a deep dish pizza but in my opinion it was pretty poor. Climate and water makes big difference too when it comes to making a Deep Dish Pizza, could be the reason why we don’t have one in the UAE but we’ll be on the lookout for it and when time comes, enjoy.

UNO Chicago Grill Dubai

I remember fondly growing up around UNO Chicago Grill Deira City Centre. I don’t know exactly when it closed but a close look at zomato reviews highlights that it was likely around early to mid 2019. While the pizza definitely did not make the cut, I found the rest of the food alright.

Chicago Restaurant Dubai

The other alternative I’d recommend is Chicago Meatpackers, while I haven’t tried it myself, the reviews seem to cut it. Yes, they don’t serve Deep Dish Pizza though. It would also be one of the only Chicago Restaurants Open in the UAE. We’d appreciate any feedback or hidden niches that you may have found.



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