Cherry Blossoms in South Korea

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South Korea is not always the first place that comes to your mind when thinking of cherry blossoms, but the country is filled with corners that capture the blooms while shrugging off the winter and festivals that compel you to be a part of this magical time of the year.

The long rows of trees covered in pink are one of the reasons why visitors from all around the world step into the country around the months of March and April. 

The cherry blossoms famously known as Beot-kkok in South Korea are different from the species of the ones found in Japan and have a shorter life cycle of 7-10 days from the day they bloom, but this doesn’t stop them from being the show stopper of many cherry blossom festivals in this Asian country. The spring starts with the appearance of the Maehwa (plum) blossoms and Sansuyu (Cornelian Cherry) flowers followed by cherry blossoms and other spring flowers unfolding from the southern region and making their way to the northern parts of the country. 

Best Time to Visit for Sakura

When winter comes to an end and it’s time for the spring season. During the end of March and the start of April, it’s safe to say that the cherry blossoms are about to bloom. The temperature during this time is pleasant and warm, and tons of activities and festivals are assembled to mark the entry of vibrant trees, luring the visitors and locals to leave their homes and take a stroll around the streets of the cities and towns of South Korea. 

Cherry Blossom in Seoul 

Seoul is one of the most happening cities in South Korea. From architectural wonders and mouth-watering street food to wonderful tourist attractions and much more, this city is a must-visit whenever you decide to venture to the far East. But it’s even more amazing during the spring season when the streets are capped with cherry blossom trees at every corner. The beauty as well as the pleasant season also makes it one of the busiest times to visit the city. While spotting the right place to enjoy the cherry blossoms can be overwhelming in this prime time of the year, below are some of the places you can look out for: 


  • Seokchon Lake: This lake tops the list of best places to experience cherry blossom in Seoul and rightly so. The picturesque view and the cherry blossoms surrounding the artificial lake is arguably a gorgeous place to experience the spring.
  • Changgyeonggung Palace: Built in 1948 by King Seongjong, Changgyeonggung Palace is one of the most simple and elegant palaces of South Korea and forms a beautiful backdrop for the cherry blossom trees during the spring season and the best part of being at this palace is, it’s not nearly as crowded as other palaces of the city. Don’t forget to take a stroll on the Okcheongyo Bridge to enjoy the view!
  • Namsan Seoul Tower: Trail to the famous Namsan Seoul tower is one of the longest trails lined with cherry blossoms trees in full bloom on both sides of the street and is spectacular to watch while you walk the path. 
  • Kyung hee University: Kyung hee University is one of the most beautiful campuses in Seoul with neoclassical architecture and greenery spread all around. Even more splendid during the spring season, the university is definitely one of the places to enjoy the fresh blooms of the cherry blossoms.  
Best Cherry Blossom Festivals 

Cherry blossoms are not only awed upon but also celebrated gracefully by saying goodbye to the winters and welcoming the spring season. While almost every city in the country celebrates the blooming in their own traditional way, here are the top festivals that you can attend when in South Korea. 

  • Jinhae Cherry Blossom Festival  (Largest Cherry Blossom in Korea)

Jinhae, the naval base city almost completely surrounded by mountains is home to one of the biggest and the most famous cherry blossom festivals in South Korea.

 Annually hosted, the 10 days festival in the city is organized from the end of March to the first week of April, attracting millions of Koreans and other visitors into the town to be a part of the magnificent event lined with more than 350000 cherry blossom trees in full blooms, street performers, carnival stalls and military parades that commemorate the victory of Admiral Yi Sun-Shin over a Japanese invasion attempt. 

The top stops to look out for while you attend the festival are the 800metres long tunnel which is lined up by railroads of the Gunhangje station on both sides and the 1.5km flower streams which act as the best background drop for those spring shots to capture the memories. 


  • Gyeongju Cherry Blossom Festival 

The second-largest and historical city of South Korea, Gyeongju makes it a picture-perfect time in the month of April when more than 9000 cherry blossom trees burst into bloom around the Bomun Lake and across the Bomun Tourist Complex. 

Apart from the striking view, the festival is filled with activities such as orchestra, live performances, touristy events and competitions & marathons that are participated by thousands of attendees. A great cultural experience, the festival not only offers a picturesque site but also allows you to learn about the heavily rich culture, try Korean street food, buy souvenirs and fall in love with Korean music.


  • Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival in Jeju Island 

The Royal King Cherry trees of Jeju Island are the first to bloom in South Korea around the last week of March with petals wider and luxurious than other trees and colour pink that’s vibrant enough to make you stop and watch.

The southern island is remarkably the most visited region when it comes to watching the trees bloom and slowly turning the city into hues of pink, hailing visitors from around the world to celebrate the beginning of something so beautiful. 

The best places to enjoy Cherry Blossoms in Jeju Island during the Cherry Blossom festival are the Jeju Stadium, Ora Dong, Jeju National University’s Entrance Jeonnong-ro Road and Hwasun. 


  • Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival

Just like the other Cherry Blossoms festivals, Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival takes place during every spring season but what makes it stand out is the peaceful and soothing environment that it surrounds. 

The lake is situated in the capital city of South Korea, Seoul behind the famous Lotte World and if visited in the morning before the festivities, one can find solitude and capture the true beauty of nature. Although if the hustle and bustle of the city don’t bother you, the best time to be a part of the festival is during the sunset hours when the colours of the sky spectacularly complement the shades of the blooming flowers.


  • Yeouido Cherry Blossom Festival  

With approximately 1500 cherry blossom trees lined on the street of Yeouido-ro behind the National Assembly building, the Yeouido cherry blossom festival is an annually celebrated festival where one can easily rent a bicycle, cruise or take a walk to enjoy the blooming of the flowers. The best time to visit this place is definitely at night when all the cherry blossom trees are decorated with lights to make the place look even more magical.

South Korea doesn’t hold back when it comes to showing off some of the best cherry blossom trees and blooming spots paired with a myriad of activities and is found in almost every corner of the country. So rest assured, cause this Asian country will definitely not fail in helping you capture the best of nature’s beauty in pink and white. 

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