Bonito, Brazil

Getting There

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From being a scintillating natural wonder full of waterfalls, caves, and a buzzing underwater kingdom to the world’s most sustainably managed place, Bonito is the Quintessential island fantasy with a myriad landscape and a haven for nature lovers.

Awarded more than 15 times for best Eco-Tourism Destination, Bonito stands true to its name “ The beautiful lady of the west”. With its blue pulsating rivers, stalactite caves, and tropical forests, bonito is a class by itself. A “rara avis” among the other most sought destinations of the world. Indeed bonito is a magical place in the south of Brazil’s Mato Grosso do Sul state tucked away in one corner of the planet. Famous for aquatic tourism, bonito is well known for its jungle snorkelling, Camping under the stars and natural sunbathing in the blue falls. What more can a globetrotter desire?

Long journeys will be part of the itinerary. You are advised to plan accordingly.

From San Paulo

Reach Sao Paulo by flight and take a flight to campo grande.  The drive from Sao Paulo to Campo Grande is around 890km. A  4 hours journey by flight will help you reach there in no time. From Campo Grande you can take either of the following to reach Bonito

Approximately 300 km by car, you can enjoy the Four hours long journey with the wonderful natural beauty all along the road on both sides.  There are a lot of buffers and rest stops on the way for you to supplement your body and car for travel.  You would be able to stop and meet many locals and get travel information and sightseeing on the way!

Fares:  Between 30$ to 68$

Points to note: Travelling by car poses no difficulty except the language. Sometimes the car drivers are Portuguese and if you don’t know the language, that poses a problem. But one can always book a car with an English driver in advance!

From Corumba

Distance from Corumba to Bonito is 270 km . one can travel to Corumba from Sao Paulo and reach Bonito in no time.

The cheapest way to reach bonito from Corumba is by bus or by car.

By Cruzeiro Do Sul bus service it takes 6 hours to reach bonito. A long tiring journey but with a thrill of anticipation throughout the way.

Fares: 20$ to 30$

Points to note: Tickets can be brought from the station or booked in advance. One bus service per day. So book in Advance!

Trip Highlights

Every year thousands of tourists plunge into the blue spellbinding waters of this ethereal island!


  • The best time to visit this itinerary is from December to march. Plan your trip accordingly.
  • You can reach Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro by flight and from there reach Campo Grande by chopper. Bonito is 300 km from Campo Grande.
  • One can travel to bonito by air, bus or by car.
  • If you are in Corumba, you can travel to Bonito by road or by bus. It’s 347 km distance.
  • While travelling to Bonito, make a note of the holidays and the status of the fights. No flights serve duty on holidays in Bonito.
  • It’s a pandemic and the Brazilian government is taking the utmost precautions for the safety of the travellers. The Ministry of Tourism in Bonito is always open for more information.
  • Bonito provides a sustainable and indigenous means of habitation. Here people delve deeper into the traditional lives of the Brazilian people and the ways by which they have adapted nature!

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