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Bonito – Getting around

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Getting Around – Bonito 

Bonito, which means "the beautiful lady" is indeed one of the most beautiful tourist vacation spots on our planet. Blue river, stalactite caves, underwater diving, white-sanded beaches and much more. This Brazilian hotspot for globetrotters has attracted people for years.

The hotels and the diners provide just the surreal ambience for you to spend a week in his heavenly abode.

From Campo Grande one takes and flight or a bus or a rental car and drive to this mesmerising place.

But how to visit different sightseeing places?

How to enjoy the exotic places that Bonito has to offer?

Bonito Transport Service fulfils this wish!

Ways to get Around

Bonito is known for its sustainable way of living following indigenous habits, low fuel, and fewer vehicles to prevent pollution and destruction of the tourist places. Brazilian govt has imposed a lot of rules to be followed for this purpose.

In Bonito, there is less public transport service. And during the pandemic, public transit has lessened drastically. The Agencies established at Bonito generally offers the transport of the tourists.

But there are different ways of transportation in Bonito!

For a tourist to go to visit different sites, he naturally can hire a moto-taxiprivate car, or a bike.

Buses usually ply at Bonito, and so do cabs and vans.

Van and bus in Bonito (shared)

Most of the tourists opt for vans and cabs.

Vans and cabs operate regularly for the comfort of the travellers.

They are used to pick up travellers from hotel or drop them at some destination.

The Agency that the tourist hire for the whole trip generally books the cab or van in advance.

Their transport path is the hotel to places of attractions and back to the hotel.

Four seaters vans are available for group travelling to lessen the emission of CO2. Sometimes solo travellers love to travel in groups with other people to create more interaction among them.

Cabs and vans provide many amenities like air conditioning and sanitised seats, local interaction, and so much more.

You can also make the driver stop at a certain point on the road to indulge in the scenery's beauty and click a few photos.

Naturally, the cab and van drivers are very politely and merry. They are well acquainted with the history of the place and can give you full detail throughout the way. They naturally converse in Portuguese and Spanish. But a few of them indulge in English conversation too. Check on the language of your driver before booking, to avoid the problem of interaction.

Your time passes smoothly!

Private Taxi 

  • Many foreign travellers who are not comfortable with touring with unknown travellers generally book for a private taxi. The transports should be previously arranged by the agencies operating.
  • The car rental and touring with the driver is very much in vogue at Bonito. Many solo travellers find it peaceful to travel alone with the drivers to places according to their mood. The drivers generally follow the travellers' command, stopping for food breaks on the way or to meet locales and click a few pictures.
  • All drivers are polite and well mannered, and they can take you to wherever you want. They naturally speak Portuguese, Spanish and to some extent English. Before booking, you must check on the language of your driver!
  • Private taxi service provides some unique amenities like Air conditioning, music system, and improvised thoroughly sanitised seats.
  • The costs, although increases slightly but air conditioning and music system make the deal way better.
  • You can travel the whole place at your own sweet will!

Bus and Minibus

  • If you are travelling in groups or don't want to waste money on transport, opt for us! There are many bus service plying at Bonito.
  • But the best Bus companies are: Cruzeiro do Sulwhich departs and arrives at Bonito from Bonito Onibus
  • The extraordinarily luxurious and travel-friendly system is provided for the travellers. The drivers and the managers are accommodating, and they take a lot of care for their travellers.
  • Buses have to be booked in advance through the Agency.
  • Bonito also offers Shuttle buseswhich are available from the airport to Bonito and vice versa.
  • Bus tickets are mostly ranging from 50 to 60 reais.
  • Bus travelling helps in knowing and interacting with a lot of co-passengers travelling all in the same direction!

So book your travel and your transport and WELCOME to Bonito!


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