Nihal Restaurant – A Turn Back to Indian Classics

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The way I’d describe it is as something I’d experience while on my visits to India. Decor that shows they’ve been around for a while, the added customer service along with finger bowls to wash your hands.

Inside Nihal Restaurant - A table with beige black chairs

The Decor

From someone who grew up an expat and haven’t had traveled to India for a long time this was definitely one revisit I wasn’t expecting when we earlier planned the visit. It’s obviously not a place for a work dinner or a date (could depend on the people) but it’s one of those great customer service locations with good food and a flavor you’d expect.

Every year as a child I’d visit India for 2-3 months and as someone who used food as an exit; the Indian Chinese restaurant visits were one I’d always look forward to.

The Experience

The experience is built on great customer service, a homage to some of the nicer restaurants in India. If you have a chance to visit India; you’ll notice they have a higher amount of staff with any service; where planned well allows them to deliver great service irrespective of how busy the restaurant is. This isn’t easily possible in UAE; but from time to time you find some spots that have a fair balance.

The Food

We took 3 dishes; Lehsuni Murg Masala, Chicken Lolipop and Garlic Naan

1) Lehsuni Murg Masala

Lehsun means Garlic and Murg means chicken, then translating to Garlicky Chicken Masala. Loved the flavor, you could definitely appreciate the garlic. Boneless chicken dish, not too messy for a date night (if you decide to). If you look closely they have roasted some of the garlic as garnish.

Orangish curry chicken dish sprinkled with garnish on top

2) Chicken Lolipop 

One of the better chicken lollipops. Not much to add here.

If you’re not aware chicken lollipop is an Indian classic, growing up this was the one dish we’d always order, it’s the Indian equivalent to wings in US

chicken lolipop served in a restaurant with sauce in the center

3) Garlic Naan

A great Naan overall. Thin and fresh. Naan’s are an Indian flatbread cooked in Tandoor (Clay Oven) at high temperatures. This is an Indian Naan; the way other countries do it is very different in terms of thickness and texture.

Garlic Naan served on a plate with a butter visibly

Nihal Restaurant Location

Nihal Restaraunt is located in Zayed 1st Street, Electra، Behind LLH Hospital – Abu Dhabi

That’s about all!

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